Intellishop Not Paying for a Brake Inspection

I was going to perform a brake inspection shop for Intellishop. When I got to the shop, they told me that they could not perform the brake inspection because they were behind. I notified the scheduler, and he asked me if I could go another day. So I asked them if I would still be paid for going to the shop today, and if I would be paid additional for making another appointment. The scheduler told me that I would not get paid for going today because the shop was not completed. I told them that it was not my fault. I cannot believe that they are not going to pay me for the shop when it was not my fault. I am really angry right now. I should have known not to do this shop because my gut instinct was telling me not to do it.

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Those are the risks. Some companies and some shops are better or worse about this. When I overall like the company, they get to pay me a premium on future shops . . . It is sort of a "Don't get mad, get even" deal. Similarly some companies I am already well ahead with on 'deals' so I am more willing to roll with the unpaid visits. When I am not fond of the company it is just an incentive to not work with them in the future unless they have a juicy shop I want.
I don't agree with thw MSC either you went and tried to do the shop on the date and time you were scheduled. Then they should pay you atleast something if not the whole shop.
In those situations, especially if I have driven a bit of a distance, I tell them I called earlier and was told I did not need an appointment. Then offer to come back in an hour or so. I've done a couple of these types of shops, one brake check and one oil change, and I've been told on the phone to come in, no appointment needed and was discouraged from staying when I arrived in person.

Was there a phone portion of the shop?

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I think this stinks. Probably depends on the scheduler. I recently did a bank on campus shop and the bank people were forced to leave the area because of a major water leak. I wrote the report and was paid. This was beyond your control. I would respectfully complain. If they do not callyou again just move on, I say and do not take it personally.
If you had out of pocket expense and were told well into the shop that they could not perform the specified service, it's only fair they pay you a portion of your shop fee. I'd contact the scheduler for this shop again and request partial payment. If you didn't spend any time or money at the location, I can see the MSC being less willing to give you partial payment.

I recently did a wireless store audit where they were so busy with lines of customers right after they opened in the morning, I was there an hour and still had some things left to check - things which required assistance from an employee. This was my first shop on a long route, so I couldn't afford to wait too long there. It was also far enough away, I didn't want to have to return another day just to complete that one audit.

I ended up going to do another nearby shop and coming back to the wireless store a half hour later to complete it. The nice thing was, my scheduler told me if I hadn't been able to go back and finish the last few questions that day and wanted to go back another day, they would pay me an additional amount for my second visit; it wasn't double, but it was something. That's only fair!

I've also been paid by a MSC when the apartment complex I visited had a sign on the door saying they wouldn't be back for 1 1/2 hours. I called my scheduler because waiting that long would make me run so far behind on my route, I would not be able to complete all my scheduled shops. He made sure I was paid half for that day, plus paid me the full shop fee when I returned the next week to perform the shop. As he said, "That wasn't your fault!"

Intelli-Shop has a lot of work out there, but they need to pay more and they need to fairly compensate their shoppers when things like this arise. I hope they're watching this thread.

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