STN Instructions?

Do any of you feel that STN's instructions aren't clear enough? I just recently completed some mobile phone shops for them and to me the instructions aren't detailed enough to know exactly what they want. And I'm never sure if their time restrictions are MUST interact or MAY interact. I just don't ever feel that I'm quite clear on every little detail they want. Maybe that's just me? And their schedulers are slow to reply.

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To me, STN is a fantastic company to work for. They respond to email requests and, I'm sure, would be more than happy to clarify things if you send questions. I have had nothing but wonderful experiences with their schedulers.

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Ditto, I've always gotten quick responses, the guidelines are usually painfully detailed and the scheduler I've dealt with is a nice guy who's not afraid to deal.

EDIT: One thing I don't like is the setup of their reports. They need an extra developer or two to work on some conditional programming so I don't have to choose "N/A" on 20 questions after one question should have blocked all of them out as "N/A". And God forbid you write "NA" in a comment when they want "N/A", or vice-versa :-)

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I think it depends upon your scheduler.

The scheduler I have now replies very quickly. A few months ago I had one that never replied.

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Jason and Cristina are super. I love the service they give. They make dealing with STN a pleasure.

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If you need information fast call them at 734-302-8400 and you can speak to someone who handles you assignment.
Never have problems with this MSC. If anything, I feel there are too many pages of instructions to go through or print. Are you certain that you're reading all of the scenarios and instruction pages? They are pretty detailed in their requirements for the shops I've done for them, but I can't say for the shop you're referring to.

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I also agree that it totally depends on the scheduler for the client. I have shopped lots for STN for different clients. (JASON ROCKS!) Some of my schedulers have been great, others have not. It's unfortunate. But, when I'm scheduling, the scheduler for the client in my neck of the woods can be a deal breaker.

Roque_Poet, as far as their instructions, I agree with you. For shoppers who are looking for defining guidelines, STN comes up short.
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