Jancyn Survey Turn-In Question!

Thanks in advance for any replies, appreciate it!

Q: Does anyone know what the submittal time/due is for Jancyn's shops?

I have checked and rechecked my shop confirmation and survey the "due" time/date is not listed. I'm just beat, I've been up since 2AM, and there's no way I am coherent enough to even attempt filling out the survey.

12 hours?
24 hours?

Maybe my eyes are too blurry? *laugh*

Thanks again!

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"Shops should be submitted within 12 hours of your visit. Make sure you have computer access to submit the shop after it is completed. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in nonpayment for your shop and can negatively impact your shopper rating, so if you cannot complete your shop as scheduled, contact your Project Manager immediately."

This what it states in the FAQs section.
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