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So after reading all the warning that you would eventually get paid, but would need to send multiple reminders, I chose to take one anyway as I was going to be in the area and needed a place to stay.

I did the shop on Sept. 16 and put a reminder to send them an e-mail at the end of the month to send the reminder in line with the 90 timeline.

I opened my e-mail today to find the notification from them that it was being deposited to paypal and checked the account and it was there.

I get that 90 days isn't great and still wouldn't do a shop unless I needed a room because of that, but wanted to let you all know they did pay without an extra communication from me.

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I've just accepted an assignment with FG. The guidelines say 10-12 weeks, which is 70-84 days, not 90. But as long as they pay *eventually* I'll be happy. I didn't take it for the pay, nor because I needed a room -- it is local -- but because Freeman not only allows but actually encourages me to use my W------ R------ account. Meaning, every stay I make for Freeman will not only be reimbursed (eventually) but will also earn me free nights in the meantime.


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I'm delighted to hear that Shelly! There are certainly other companies in the industry with a pay cycle of 90 days and if it is being honored, that is a huge step in the right direction.
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