Has anyone heard of this company? I am supposed to do my first assignment for them tomorrow, but I have not gotten any info from them. Any suggestions?

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Not sure what you mean. No guidelines or what, Contact the scheduler for what you need. Pretty sure that they are legit.
Thanks. I just got an email with instructions a few minutes ago.
I am new, so I didn't know if I may be getting set up.

Just signed up. Very balky website. Not managed to log in yet. I did learn the capitalization of 'TES' in the name is due to their former name, Theater Evaluation Services... it a good sign, when a company changes their name?


"What does it mean? You ask. I answer not/For meaning, but myself must echo, What?/And tell it as I saw it, on the spot."
I've been with them for over 3yrs...It was very difficult to get assignments from them...they do not have self-assign website like most MSCs...They send out mass emails when they have assignments in your email back with the location/s you are available for...with the mass emails, assignments are on a 1st come basis...It took me 3mos of playing this game before I got an assignment...and not without a (polite) nasty gram to the scheduler...who found it humorous and called me. I established a repore with this scheduler and have been getting assignments for the 3-4 theaters in my area...

Now for the is very slow...terrible or non-existent automated system, except for entering your data, You have to download your work orders scan & email or fax...they do not reimburse for faxes...states in your instructions...if you don't submit work orders you won’t get paid and they won't necessarily ask for them, except if the client is Disney... were lucky to get an assignment so quickly...I just finish a Marathon on Wed. involving 3 locations...Mission Ip/GP,Dragon Tatoo/& TIN TIN
I think I will have 7WOs to submit...haven't totaled monies yet, about 110/120 for the day...but I was out from 9am to 12:30am running from place to place.

Payment use to take 3-4mons...they have gotten better...6-8wks now...make sure you always CC the Booker keeper[ A.Landeros] on all of your work orders...

They are a Mystery Shop Co...But I’ve only been given 1 shop in 3yrs...It was one of the big name Home Improvement Centers...had to go back twice at their request and was paid triple the fee for my efforts.

BTW...They have Xmas day assisgnmts for WAR HORSE...please don't agree to do this assignment without a bonus...something they never have done for their theatrical shops...But Really!!! Xmas deserves at least a small bonus...

I'm awaiting a response for the locations they want me to do on Xmas...have asked for some kind of bonus...we will see...want do it without one...
I guess I was lucky. I go again tomorrow, and then on the 26th to War Horse. She gave me a choice of Christmas, or the 26th.

It was pretty easy, and the form was quick to fill out.
Tomorrow is I Bought A Zoo...on the 26th...are you doing trailers or the Open
Check? OC pays more money...and require you to be at the location all day{particularly if you are new at this)

For the 1st time they are offering a $20 bonus in addition to the normal $9 per screen/per showw time.

In my last post forgot to mention they've been around for 20+yrs. It's a shame they are still in the 20th century when it comes to computer automation.

Should have read this posting before accepting 8 trailer checks beginning 1st week of Dec. No pay ... yet. Very poor communication. If you think Certified has issues with misunderstandings and left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing, this company is worse. Little is automated except input of data. If anything goes wrong, you're on your own. It is really hit or miss if you will get a problem resolved. They don't really try to resolve anything. They kick the ball down the road until you forget about it and give up.

You need to email and invoice (work order) to get paid. And you can only get this work order during a small window of a few days. It wasn't explained when I was assigned so I basically did the first check for free.

How do these companies get away with treating (poor communication) the worker bees this way? If we make mistakes, it is our fault and pay can be deducted. If the company or company staff make mistakes, they ignore our protestations.
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