Has anyone had any problems with them? A couple of my first shops were with ServiceCheck. To make a longer story short, I'll just say that they were aware that I was a new shopper, and I feel that they were trying to take advantage of that. Anyway they deactivated my account and and put on my page that I behaved unprofessionally on the phone.The fact is, that they were very nasty and rude to me in our phone conversations and I reacted accordingly. I will not allow someone to talk to me that way without speaking up for myself or just hanging up on them. I lost time and money but,I learned a lesson. I would not work with those two women again anyway.

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I have worked with them for years and the only 'problems' I have had are that they tend to be super picky with reports and do have a long pay cycle.
I do have my suspensions as to why they were so rude to me over the phone(besides my being a newbie), but I think that it's best that I keep them to myself. I have done many shops since then(4/2011) and have treated with respect by the representatives of all of the other MS companies.
I've only had one problem with them and the only reason to mention it is because of how well it was handled. I had e-mailed a question about my first job and when I received the response there was a trail. At one point it appeared the scheduler had said something quite negative about me when she forwarded the question to her supervisor. My response was that I was used to more professionalism and did not want to have a business relationship with them. Within minutes the scheduler called me with an apology. She explained any negativity was directed at herself because she felt it was a question she should have been able to answer and didn't realize until I had brought it to her attention how her comment came off in the context of the whole thread. She could have let it go or she could have just e-mailed. It was important to her that the apology was made quickly and, unlike an e-mail, the tone of her voice conveyed just how sincere she was.

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I'm glad that it worked out so well for you. They were totally out of line in the way that they talked to me and ordered me around. I did ask to speak to a supervisor,and she behaved as badly as the first woman that I spoke to. I do have their names, but they are not worth mentioning. I make it a point to respect other people. If they get more complaints maybe they will think twice about talking to people the way that they talked to me. I know that my complaint is but one straw on the camels back.
I work with them and on my first job many years ago, I got a 7....
My goal was to bring up my score, I then knew they require perfect detailed reports, so, after that, did my best and brought my grade up to a 9/10...still striving for that 10, I have gotten a few. They also take awhile to pay, but otherwise, are a stable in my MSC's. Never had much communication with them.

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Like the majority, I've never had a problem (except for their long pay cycles, but at least they're made on time). I've only ever communicated by email. Sorry you had that experience.
I agree that their pay cycles are long and that they are very persnickity about reports and scanned receipts. I have gotten along with both women and have shopped them for some time. I like them, but there are MSPs I've worked for that I would not work with again for different reasons although other shoppers here may really like them. This may just be one that you choose not to work with anymore.
No doubt, this is one company that I chose not to work with any more and I told them so. They should not have written on my page that I was being unprofessional, when in fact they were being rude and unprofessional with me . I understand that some people enjoy writing long, redundant, play by play narratives, but I am not one of them. My gripe is that after being treated such disrespect by these two women, they then wrote a negative report on me. If I had not run across the negative report, on me ,by them, then I would have just let it go. There are too many other MS companies out there.
Is this International Service Check? I think this is the company that asked me to be exclusively in their high-end group and I decided not to limit myself to one particular company. I never had any problem with them but I agree they are very picky about reports that I really take extra care when I submit them. Once, I was so focused when submitting my report but got good. I was fuming. Then the next day I had very good which is their highest and I completely forgot the previous grade. At least they tell you if you have a typo or something.

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Int'l Service Check is actually out of Swedan, hence the "Int'l", and just has
a couple shops here (one being a Swedish watch), unlike Service Check that has American companies. They pay quicker, and I found them very nice with great communication.

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International Service Check is the company that has the "Very good" rating (highest grade of 3). Most of the shops I've seen are European, but I recently did one for an American company. They're located out of Germany, BTW.
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Has anyone in history ever received a 10 from them?
Out of six jobs for them I have two 10's.

Equal rights for others does not mean fewer rights for you. It's not pie.
"I prefer someone who burns the flag and then wraps themselves up in the Constitution over someone who burns the Constitution and then wraps themselves up in the flag." -Molly Ivins
Never try to teach a pig to sing. It's a waste of your time and it really annoys the pig.
jimntx3 Wrote:
> Has anyone in history ever received a 10 from
> them?

Yes. I think the trick is to review the form after you've written the narrative, and make sure you touched on all the points covered, even though you don't have to repeat everything in minute detail, like CSE. I've also found that the instruction sheet gives guidelines of what they want, and some of that is not always covered in the form.
My scores since I started with Service Check:

2 - Seven
2 - Eight
5 - Nine
5 - Ten

I give Christina complete credit for teaching me how to write a report through her editing. She is tough - but I've learned a lot from her.

I'm still a newbie and signing up for more companies every day and have been getting really good scores from these other companies.

Service Check is one of my favorites.
jimntx3 Wrote:
> Has anyone in history ever received a 10 from
> them?

I've only had one shop for them scored so far. I got a 10. Second shop just submitted this evening, no score yet.


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My question about SC is, although I have been working for them for years, now get mostly 9's, I cannot get their great new client which I shop at on my own, love them. They got an indoor farmers market (CA&Az), and those shops fly off the wall. I now feel they have their favorites, I applied for 4, thinking I'll get one, but no...this has been going on for a few months. I know those
stores, but short of jumping through a loop, cannot get one. They also have
a family style restaurant (just in L.A.), not great, but, a good breakfast.
I am told you have to have straight 10's for that job, really...I do better
restaurants and get 10, what's up with that?

Live consciously....
No question that this company is more exacting in their reports than other companies. Some companies seem to give everybody a 10 for almost anything. This company actually grades the reports. And this company has a few shops that are in great demand. When they have a lot of shoppers apply for a shop, they do select the ones who write "10" reports. Other shops sit on the board awhile ..... and they award them to whichever shopper asks for them. In their place, I would probably to the same.
I've only done a handful of shops for them, but all have been graded as 10s. As I said before, the way I do the narratives is to paint the broad overall picture they want, but try to briefly incorporate the answers to the questions in the form. I really do think CSE trained me well for Service Check, and although my grades with CSE have been high, they have not all been 10s.
OMG...this is my absolute FAVORITE company! I've got 40+ shops in the last year and a half.

85% of my grades are 10s, the rest are 9s.
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