CORI 1099

When does CORI send out their 1099 tax forms? 2011 was my first year working for them and I haven't received a 1099 yet. I am sure I made more than $600 in 2011.

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1099s are SUPPOSED to be in the recipient's hands by 1/31. They may be 'corrected' after that and reissued. I am expecting a bunch from different companies and just received my first one today.

So my first one is "wrong" by $400+ until I realize 1) mileage reimbursement is treated as a 'bonus' by this company and 2) It includes all 2011 income + a payment from 2010 that fell 'in the cracks' at the company. Once I make these adjustments, the 1099 is off by $4.92. I am NOT going to lose sleep over it!
Nope. I got Bare International today.

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The 10-99's have to be post marked by 1/31 - not received. You should receive them late this week or early next week!
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