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well, got another payment from about face without the bonus today. it seems with them about every other payment skips out on the bonus. of course i keep all email communication about the bonuses and they eventually get paid, but i just wanted to vent a little because i find this frustrating. it isn't my job to 'remind' them how much they're supposed to pay me. and i'm sure they're making money off people who don't keep detailed records and forget about their bonuses. a little dishonest IMHO.

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@Snuffycuts99....besides the bonus issue....do you like working for them? Are they decent other than having to track your bonuses?
snuffycuts -- Who is giving you the bonuses? The scheduler? If so, I wonder if there is a communication problem between the scheduler and corporate. Doesn't excuse but might explain and if that's the issue, it needs to be corrected immediately.
One thing they do that I found odd. The bonuses are tracked separately so when you go to look at your approved pay it is not visible on the website. I was concerned about that and so far it has not been an issue for me. This separation seems like it would cause problems. Other than that they have been a really good company to work for these days.

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I've never seen About Face bonuses in my area, not even when the jobs have sat for months on end. Of course, I never asked about bonuses, either.
Yes, I was told that they have to track them separately due to their software program. It sounds fishy to me and obviously causes me problems. The scheduler is giving me the bonuses. The usual excuse is that the scheduler 'forgot' to add me on to the 'bonus list'. It hasn't been the same scheduler, either. Other than this issue, I really like the company. They pay pretty darn quickly (about a month after shop completion) and I've never been questioned on a single report. It just really bothers me that you can't actually see the bonus on the pay statement on the website, and that I have to 'track' down my bonus at times.
AF is different, and takes some doing to track. Fees, bonuses, and reimbursements are paid separately. My spreadsheet allows for this, but nevertheless, it's a pain in the rear matching their shops, with payments, without the benefit of corresponding shop ID numbers or dates.
Isn't About Face Shopmetrics? There is the ability to add bonuses onto individual shops. I would think they'd know how to do that but I don't know how much training Shopmetrics offers to its MSPs. There could be other reasons for tracking it the way they do or maybe they stick with what's familiar?
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