to Leslie About Face open comment

Oh Leslie while we appreciate your posts you say you have furniture and cycling shops inn OUR area you do not define that area.
Why not save both of us some time and post the cities. Thanks

"I am Leslie with About Face Corp. and we are looking for Mystery Shoppers in your area to shop furniture stores with branches in available for immediate and upcoming assignment."........

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No but I think if she posts locations PLURAL then post those and not have us have to go wading through to look for ONE shop. ONE.
Deep in the post it states one city. Put that out front to save us all time.
My sister had a problem with About Face! Six (6) people notify her about the same assignment issue, not one knew what the other was talking about or had said! Absolutely no communication at About Face! (I recommended to condense all the email and send them all back in chronological order) And then when they sent an email "rejected" she still got an email this morning for further information. Sounds pretty messed up to me. Evidently, my sister even taped the call and followed through when the site's phone would not work! There are 7 of us family members that have About Face as one of their MSCs - think we should be reevaluating doing shops with About Face?
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