Faster Pay with IntelliShop?

I haven't done a shop for IntelliShop for quite some time -- partly because of their incredibly long pay cycle. However, I noted the following statement in a recent email from them:
"**Expedited Pay! These shops will now be paid the month following the month in which you perform the shop!**"

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I think that is for the particular client. I have several shops pending payment for them, but was paid for this client with in the month. Older shops for different clients are still not paid.
And even for that client the pay is not always that fast. It depends on how badly they need to get them done.

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beatlesfan1964 Wrote:
> 50 - 60 days is on the long end of wait times.

Indeed. And their report forms tend to be a PITA and their pay is on the low end.
I just finished my second shop for them and got a grade of 9. They said this was due to "minor errors" but wouldn't say what they were...I'm guessing spelling or grammar. Seems like they could be a little more helpful.
Im tired of Intellishop. I can make 3X-4X the shop fee with half the paperwork for other MS companies and be paid within a few weeks.
miss.xteena -- I wouldn't worry too much about the 9. I got a 9 for commenting on no answers because it wasn't necessary to say what did not happen. Usually MSCs require comments on no answers. Did the same shop at another dealership and got a 10 and I more than likely wrote the report in the same manner as the 9.
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