Cirrus - not getting paid

Yikes when i registered with them, the stated pay cycle was the end of the month the month after the shop was completed. Now they tell me it is 90 days. IS ANYONE ELSE STILL SHOPPING FOR THEM?

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I do not shop for them. But they should have pay questions on their home/shopper page. And they should have someone to contact about pay issues. Let us know.
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I will never work for them again! I did two shops for them last year. After many phone calls to them and emails I finally received my pay 5 MONTHS LATER! If I had not been persistent I would have never been paid. Don't waste you time with this company. BAD COMPANY!
This company has changed their timeline on payments several times in the last six months. have you contacted the email address of the person you sent your invoice to requesting payment?

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This is why I love coming to these forums... I applied for two apartment shops through Cirrus last night, read this just now, and quickly deleted my applications.

I'm so glad I found this website with all of you helpful folks smiling smiley

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Yes, I did the Shoppe von Hellska for them in early March, and invoiced them at the end of March, end of April, and end of May.

Just received an email from Cirrus that said I will be paid some time after June 15. That actually works out to a 100+ day pay cycle, almost 1/3 of a calendar year.

Ridiculous, arrogant behavior, IMHO.
They do state they pay in 90 days. You need to verify they received your invoice, too. They will claim they did not receive it. I expect a payment in July and verified after my shop that they received the invoice so if there is any delay or drama, I will report back here.
Just received my early March Swedish Furniture Shop money via PayPal from Cirrus yesterday.

It took 137 days, four invoices and six separate emails to get paid.

Reasonable? I'll let the forum decide.
I would NEVER work with this company again. I used to do ALOT of apartment evaluations for them, then one time they said I did not do the shop "per their guidelines" and I was not paid for two shops. When I complained (as they were wrong.. which I clearly pointed out to them).. I was deactivated and told I could not work for them anymore. A few months later I got an e-mail from a scheduler begging me to help her with a few shops, that were not that close to my home. I explained that I would like to help, but was deactivated and NOT paid for the last two shops I had done for them. She e-mailed back and assured me that would not be the case, and said I was not deactivated. SO.. I went ahead and did the two other apartment evaluations for her.. which were also bonused to help with the cost of gas.. and low and behold..I was not paid for those either. I got an e-mail from someone in the company telling me that I was not allowed to shop with them, and said that I had "manipulated" their scheduler.

I would be willing to bet that they sent all four of my evaluations to the client and was paid for doing them. I am a highly experienced evaluator and have been told that my reports usually require little to no editing.

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