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Anyone having difficulty accessing the job board? I log on successfully but that's as far as I can go all morn.


I am not the most active member of this public forum. In fact I rarely log on to check updates a few minutes weekly. Please do not think I am ignoring you if I do not respond to your input right away. Happy Shopping!

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I have been accessing their website for the past couple of days since I performed two shops for them. I have not had a problem. Their website does shut down for a couple of hours in the late evening for nightly maintenance or something so their website is down during that time period.

This was sent to me in an e-mail by my scheduler...
"Also, please be mindful of the late night website maintenance."

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I have been on their site quite often over the past few days. Last night there was an issue with submitting a report. However, it was fixed this morning.
I turned in a report this afternoon - no problem with log in.

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