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Can I have feedback on this company?

East Coast ~ Serving Rhode Island: Pawtucket, Warwick,
West Warwick, Providence, Cranston, North Providence,
East Providence, Riverside, Rumford, and Johnston

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You will love them :-)

They have some interesting jobs and some 'why bother' jobs just like everybody else. Overall I have had excellent luck with them. Payments are timely, these days I can upload receipts into the website rather than mailing or emailing to never-neverland. And once you register, go to the Certifications and Briefings and you can see what shops are available in your area even if they currently aren't showing on the board.
I love them! They only have two clients in my area at this time, but I grab them as soon as I see them. I had questions on my first shop(s) and the account rep. spoke with me directly (no messages, no call backs). He answered all my questions and was great to deal with.
I have had great scheduler support when any problem arose with a couple of complicated assignments that I did for them on a multiday route.

Based in MD, near DC
Shopping from the Carolinas to New York
Have video cam; will travel

Poor customer service? Don't get mad; get video.
And what is nice is that the scheduler for the project is named with contact information so that you aren't hunting all over the place for who you need to contact. And although you are to select a date up front, when I let a shop almost slip by me I got a quick respose by email to a request to reschedule for the following day. The only downside is watch the report times because they seem to vary and some are as close as 6 hrs.
I enjoy my working relationship with them, and aside from a too light to accept receipt, no problems. I enjoy their shops as do have to update your briefings and qualifications monthly, don't forget to do that,
othewise you won't see jobs. I enjoy the self-assign.

Live consciously....
I like Sinclair and wish they had more of the car dealership shops for $60 in my area. Those are my all-time favorites. They e-mail with available shops, but I also check their site often just to be sure I'm not missing anything that sounds interesting. Being able to self-assign is a definite advantage, and they usually allow enough lead time to work a route around their jobs.
One for my favorite msc. If you shop during business hours and have a question, it's easy to reach a scheduler by phone. The editors will call if they have a question about a submitted report.

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I love my scheduler but does anyone have a problem with losing reports while trying to input them. Today I spent over 2 hrs trying to input my report. I went to try to 'view the full report' prior to submitting and lost all the info. I had to start over. Then again when I tried to go back to edit using their 'previous' button and again when I 'saved and exited'. When I signed back in many of my comments disappeared! Maybe I am too wordy, over edit...not sure. I have done over 20 shops and reports and continually have this problem. I have submitted feedbacks and complained to my scheduler to no avail. Any ideas here?
You cannot go backwards on those reports unless you either do a save or move forward to the next page of the report.

That aside - love this company. Had a question about a shop location when the mall had three of these stores. The scheduler called me personally to straighten it out and admitted the error was actually on their side.

Schedulers are always polite and treat you as a team member.

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Everyone has a photographic memory. Some just forget to load the film.
I use IE browser and never had a problem using the back button, or the "full view" button. Sally, are you using Firefox?

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Yup, I'm a Firefox fan. I will try IE and see if that works better. Also I have redone the shopping list (Savemart) that they provide for notes to coincide with the order of the report questions. Maybe if I do the shop in the order of the report questions I won't need to go back and forth. Also, I need to be less picky with editing!
I have always used Firefox with their site and the only time I had a data loss issue was when I tried to paste about 5000 characters into a field that apparently had a 3000 character limit. I managed to blow up the report. Every time you turn the page information is saved. From time to time I have had the site freeze and needed to crash out, but every page I had turned was saved when I returned. I never go backwards in any report and viewing the whole report is after everything is saved. So I find the website twitchy but not terribly noxious.
A losing one right now. Keep getting a debugging error. I was able to capture it into word at least but I can't get it to go through sad smiley Great group of people to work with.
Cindy, URGHH! I know! I did my second shop report on IE and it went smoother. My scheduler said that doing the shop in the sequence of the report is a must...however their grocery list with the checklist on the other side of the 'cheat sheet' is not in the order of the report questions. I have edited it to reflect this. Now I don't have to go back and forth on the report. That helps. How did you capture the report in Word? That would certainly help me. And does it show the entire comments?
Most generally you get the debug error when you have too many characters for the narrative space, and unfortunately they don't tell you on the form how many characters are allowed for a particular space. Also with them, typing in Word if you have a fairly recent version causes issues when you copy and paste into the form. My Word 2007 causes it fits because it apparently carries with the paste a whole lot of formatting information from Word. I never heard complaints when I was using Word 2003. So these days if I want to write narrative to paste in I use notepad, though generally I just compose in place.
I like them also. Always pay on time and were very nice when I had a problem with a receipt. I just wish they had more shops in my area. Definitely don't have any of those $60 shops around here... would love to get a hold of those! I've done some bank shops and a few of Mexican quick restaurant shops where I am welcomed when I enter. I just don't like the requirement on those shops to take a picture of the salsa bar... hard to do without being seen in the one by me cuz its close to the cashier station.
Sally~ I just did a Control+alt and took a shot of the whole report and dropped it into word.

Flash~ I will try to remember that next time. It was probably too many characters because I tend to write a lot. I will keep that in mind for the next one.
I can't get past the New Shopper Challenge to save my life. I'm no genius but I'm not completely clueless either. Precede and follow aren't difficult concepts. It should be rather simple. Has anyone else had trouble with this one? Could it be a browser issue?
I have done many jobs with them and have no complaints. I have always received timely response and the reports are reasonable in length. I am constantly looking for opportunities to work with them in my area. Unfortunately, they have not had many great opportunites where I am located in a good while. When they do, I will apply as soon as I see the opening.
swe350 Wrote:
> I can't get past the New Shopper Challenge to save
> my life. I'm no genius but I'm not completely
> clueless either. Precede and follow aren't
> difficult concepts. It should be rather simple.
> Has anyone else had trouble with this one? Could
> it be a browser issue?

It's not hard, but you have to read each one carefully and slowly.

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swe350, I doubt it is a browser problem. Cubbiecat is on target, read each one slowly and carefully. If you are a visual person, get a scratch pad and draw it out. Focus on just one question at a time and don't even think about how many you have done or still need to do.
Thanks cubbiecat and Flash. I'll give it another go with the scratch pad method. I'm a very visual person, so it will surely help. I tried to visualize the test in my head yesterday, but apparently that's not good enough.

I was hoping the issue was technical. You know, the classic Atari excuse: "It's not me! Must be the controller!" Alas, I think it might just be me. Thanks again for the advice. I'll see if I can have a second crack at it. The site is currently blocking me from sign-in after just one attempt. I've e-mailed the company to see if I can get that second chance. I've never had this much issue when it comes to passing a company's screening test. There better be some good shops after all this! winking smiley
I passed on the first try, but I think someone told me you are only allowed to attempt the test once a month. Good luck! I LOVE this msc as they have some amazing shops.

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