Receipt Uploads to the CORI site

I have had two recent CORI shops, and haven't been able to upload my receipt either time. I've resized each receipt, and still it will not upload. CORI is able to upload it on their end. Anyone else had this problem? I can't take anymore shops from them until I figure out why I can't get the receipts to upload. I've never had this problem in the past with them, and I don't have this problem with any other of the twenty companies I work with. Please help... Thanks!!!

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What browser are you using? I've had trouble using Firefox. Use Internet Explorer if you're not already.

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Yes... I'm using internet explorer. It's just so strange because I've never had a problem downloading anything before.
I use Google Chrome. I had not trouble but I did have trouble when I went to school online I had to use Explorer or Yahoo.
Chrome is my browser of choice so I usually start with it only to get error message at the report phase. It does seem to get past the receipt upload without issue. Mine are always pics and resized prior to upload.

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I had trouble with uploads for 8 gas station shops. I tried to upload them two times each and it didn't work. I sent messages on the problem to CRI but no one responded to any of the messages. I am surprised that they are still operating if this is how they conduct business. I lost a lot of money and time doing the shops and uploading receipts. To get no response to the problems and then not to get paid for doing them is like a slap in the face. Garbage company as far as I am concerned
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