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Cynb I get in about every 3rd try. I try and go back to the old format and somehow I can get in once in awhile. I thought I was just having one of those moments and just not figuring it out. So yes, I am having trouble also.
Thanks, I think it might be that they kicked me out because I have not logged in awhile. Because I have not found anything..Jeez I would think that they would want to keep pro shoppers
I have been talking with the Help Desk quite a bit these past couple of days. I can no longer access their system using Chrome. When I used FireFox it will not let me use the demo button to describe the employee. So, I typed in the little box so it would let me save my report. They were not aware of anyone having problems. I won't wait to tell them next time. They are really nice to work with though and seem very helpful.
I use Chrome, and I just logged in without a problem. Are you saving your username and password within your browser?

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Yeah then I got a message on Mon apologizing, but saying the shops were gone. The ones that I was assigned.
I can sure log in but as far as searching for shops thats a big NO! I cant pass the XO test. I have tried soooo many times and I can't pass this test. They have a resturant shop I really wanna do and the scheduler even has emailed me asking me If I'd like to complete it? Hmmmm I asked for help with the Xo test but no help yet. Awwwww pretty frustrating and funny in a sense.
I have not had a problem login or searching jobs since the update. If you are having issues you may want to work with someone specific. I find that if you can work with someone specific and when they call for help, help them if at all possible, you will have a better working relation with the rep. Then you have issues they will help you more.
@Amylicious. I am a Scheduler at Sinclair, let me know what Shopper ID was provided to you and I can help withthe XO test. Reach me at

Sinclair has been updating their computer systems and it's taking a few days to get the bugs out...
I use to get notifications from them regarding available shops, but don't anymore. sad smiley

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