Where are the CRI alcohol/tobacco shops?

Does anyone know where these compliance shops went or if the client stopped doing these?

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I don't shop for CRI, but I've seen quite a few other MSC's that do have the compliance shops.

Would the bar integrity - where there's an age verification - also be the kind you are searching for? I have seen a lot of those.

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they went to a different msc, for a lesser rate. CRI got beat at their own game, and was underbid

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Thanks guys!

R@inyDay - who does the bar integrity shops?

Techman - Are these paying less now with the other MSC? Do you know which MSC are doing them now by chance?
Aha - I found them on the Job Board on this site! The new MSC is offering some sort of signing bonus and some other perks. Time for a road trip smiling smiley
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