Thank you CORI!!!

I just assigned myself a shop that was supposed to be for June but I guess they had tons of flakes . . .$50 for a 20 minute retail visit. No purchase and return =) Thank you!

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Proud To Be A Soldier's Mom
They are great if you can wait them out till bonus time. Also, pay quick and no nitpicking. Too bad they lost those age compliance shops. My daughter made some money there!!
I'm pretty new to this but I've already learned that the "end of the..." (month, quarter, fiscal year?) is a really great time to be a shopper! At the end of June I got two of those shops except I did have to do the purchase and return - $40 each! I also did a bunch of shops at a burger and ice cream treat place for $20 each - fast shop and report.

Hoping September is equally rewarding.

CORI is like a game for me!! I watch their shops just waiting to pounce on them when the price is right. Right now I'm holding my breath hoping some local shops don't get assigned as I want to do them on Tuesday!
I have learned as of late, to keep the end of the month OPEN! That's when all the good bucks and bonuses come outsmiling smiley
Anyone have bonuses in their area? I just picked up a few that are $18 and up...which is great because most are in the same block!

I was at the mall yesterday, and checked to see if the treat shop was open. It was! $18 plus reimbursement for my item! All I had to do was walk across the food court. smiling smiley
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