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Hi all,

Anyone that does the jobs where you have to ship boxes, how do you weigh your box.I was looking at some of the shops and it says the box has to weigh 18 oz. any tips would be appreciated.I used to do these shops when Maritz had them, but it's been so long I have forgotten how I used to deal with making sure they were the correct weight.

Thanks again....

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I use a small digital scale I got off ebay years ago. You can get one off ebay for under $20 - some a lot cheaper if you keep an eye on ending auctions. If you are going to do a lot of these type shops, the scale would be paid for after two shops.
txguitar - Until you get a scale of your own, you can weigh your package at the grocery store.

Another plan is to pack a product, such as one pound of dried beans or pasta. The weight of the box plus product will be over 18 ounces.

I ship to myself so I get the product back. Just be sure you are not shipping to the same zone.

Mary Davis Nowell. Based close to Fort Worth. Shopping Interstate 20 east and west, Interstate 35 north and south.
Thanks for the tips.I guess I'll look around and pick-up a scale, there a lot of these shops in my area and while I avoided them for quite awhile, I need some additional income, so I guess it's time to get back into these shops.

Thanks again...
Until you get a cheap scale, here is another idea. Set up your own balance by making a mini teeter-totter. Get a thin board about 2-3 feet long or something similar and mark the mid point. Put something small like a pill bottle under the mid-point mark. Now pout something from your cupboard that you know weights a pound (16oz) on one end of the board. Put your parcel on the other end. As long as the parcel end tips downwards, you know it weighs more than 16oz. Add packaging and you will have roughly another 2-4 oz.

An easier way is just to hold something weighing a pound in one hand and your parcel in the other and decide which hand is holding the heaviest weight.
txguitar I use 4 sleeves of Golf Balls there are 3 to a sleeve. I use a bubble wrap envelope to send them to my son who lives in Michigan. The package that I send out weighs 1 Lb. 5.70 Oz. which is more than necessary. Hope this helps.
I do exactly what MD says, so easy. PKG of rice, beans etc are marked, I always go for the 2 lb to be sure and put em in a padded evelope. No problemo.
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