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I'm seeing a CORI apartment shop that's being offered for $85 on the board. I don't know what the starting price was, although others for a different property are currently offered for $20. It is a shop for a specific leasing agent.

I'm sure some of you have done these shops before. I don't like the idea of having to provide my actual ID, but it *might* be worth it for $85. Can anyone provide me with feedback or point me to where feedback exists?

Thanks for your help.

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In order to do any apartment shop you have to be prepared to supply an ID. All leasing agents should ask for one. These are typical apartments shops. Just keep in mind, they are CORI reports and tend to be easier than most. There will some required narrative, but it is not onerous.

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Jeez, for $85 I would love an apartment shop! They are $25-30 hereabouts, with a very repetitive report.

Leasing agents should always ask for you photo ID. It's not them being intrusive or identity-thieving, it's for their protection when they walk alone with you into a vacant apartment or model. Unfortunately, there are predators out there who,given the chance, find that getting a leasing agent alone in an unoccupied space is to their benefit.
Thanks for the feedback. I thought I would give it a go, but it's one of those weird CORI shops where there aren't any dates that you can select to do the shop. You can put it in your cart, but you can't pick a date. I'm sure that's why it's still there.

It looks like all of next week is blocked out. Maybe it will get up to $100 by the time the open dates roll around. Silly CORI...
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