What is CORI's reschedule policy?

Does CORI look kindly on rescheduling? There were a few shops that were $30+ that I wanted to do but you can't schedule more than 3 days out and I'm not available until Tuesday. Someone else got them. sad smiley If I don't do it frequently, would it be ok to take it then reschedule?

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I had to reschedule a few shops during the last couple years and had no problems. Of course I emailed the scheduler the day the shop was due and explained my problem (car broke down, heavy rain/flooding that day, turnpike was closed, etc.) Generally, I requested the shop be rescheduled for the next
day. I don't think they would be as understanding if they found out you were not planning to do the shop on the original scheduled date.
You would be better off to talk to them "on line"....some are good to talk to and some are NOT...beware....
I have never had a problem rescheduling with them. I just get on the chat and ask. Sometimes I don't even give a reason and they don't ask. They have always rescheduled.for.me
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