Question about assigning shops with Cori

So from what I can tell, you can only assign shops within a 3 day window. I do 99% of my shops on Saturdays, and it's annoying when I want to pick up a shop earlier in the week and schedule it for Saturday. Should I email them to request that they assign a shop to me for Saturday, or just wait until Thursday and hope the shops I want are still there?

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i would wait since the fee will go up by then.

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Use the online chat feature to ask the Scheduler...

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My experience with CORI is you cannot assign longer than the 3 days. It's really frustrating and I wish you could assign outside that period, even spoke to Kim at CORI and asked for a shop outside the 3 day window and she said they just couldn't do it. I had a scheduler ring me to see if I could do a shop and I said I could do it four days out and she said she couldn't do it. CORI is a game of waiting for a shop to reach a certain commission and then nabbing it.
They have changed their policies the last few years. There was a time when schedulers had more flexibility. Needless to say, I really miss that.

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This drives me crazy! With MF I can schedule shops 2-3 weeks out. I like to be able to schedule things ahead of time so I can plan things out.
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