Second to None Requesting shops

Getting very frustrated with Second to None. I go and request myself to a shop. A day later it disappears. I contact the scheduler and she assigns it to me. This happens every sing time.

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I suspect there's a 'prove yourself' period with STN. Maybe also an internal rating system. We request shops, and overnight, their site assigns - or not. If you don't get the assignment, but still see it on the board, you request it from the scheduler. Then, another day or two until you know if you got the shop. Argh. A friend of mine, newer to shopping, is assigned far fewer shops than I am.

They post their shops the end and first of the month. I am already working on routes with other MSPs, that fit into my schedule. Self-assign rights with STN would be sweet and make life a little bit easier.
Stacy is the scheduler.....she seems to have favorite and non favorite shoppers....
I think it depends on the scheduler. I have shops that always have to be assigned and I always hear back from the scheduler that day even if the shop has been taken which is nice. I have even received responses during the weekend which really surprised me.
I think, too, it's the scheduler. I've applied for shops and gotten assigned quickly and then there is this one scheduler who shall be nameless and who NEVER gets back to you.

Plus they have a whole bunch of healthcare shops listed and when you request one, you get the message that the agent has already been shopped - well, then, how about removing the shop from the board!
Schedulers are assigned to clients. I have worked with several schedulers on various projects. Response has been a mixed bag. If it's the end of the month, and time is of the essence, I'll most likely get immediate response. Beginning/mid month, it may be a few days before I'm answered.
Yes , depends on the scheduler. You will not always get an acceptance email from them. Check your assigned shops. You will not get a sorry closed notice either.
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