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Ok, I know there is a representative from Albatross Global Solutions posting in the forum now and then but I would like to get shopper feedback. When I did a company search on the forum, the only posts I found were posted by the company representative.

I just received a MSPA e-mail for this company promoting a luxury shop but I would like to get some information about the company before applying. Thanks.

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There is a discussion here: []

When applying to this and other companies, it is a good idea to keep a copy of your application off line, saved to your computer. Some online forms "time out". There are common questions with some companies.

Albastross is focused on high end brands. The application includes questions such as:
"What kind of watch do you own?"
"What brand of shoes do you wear?"
"How much did you spend on shoes last month?"

After getting on line with them, they sent me a word version of the application to fill in.
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