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Hey all,

Just a head's up to shoppers do not take the shop where you go to a energy provider's seminar. The report requires you to get a incredible amount of info for a whole $20. My shop was rejected because I did not get the speakers complete names and the exact time that each speaker did their presentation. My rejection suggested after the presentation you go up to each speaker and get their complete names, yea right ! I'm getting really tired of these bottom feeder companies. Drive to the location and spend a hour in a seminar and then you don't get paid.

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I wrote them off a few years ago .... low pay for what they require .... and it was my perception that they did not respect their shoppers. When they stopped offering the additional pay for a great report, they became SO not worth it for me. Sorry to hear about the rejection, tx.
I feel for you. I've only been a shopper for five weeks, but I quickly dropped AboutFace from my list of companies. All of their $15-20 jobs require an incredible amount of narrative, and the time it takes equates to well under minimum wage. Just not worth it.
Thanks for the heads up. Due to my self diagnosed adult ADHD, I can not sit through the one hour presentations. I would be completely off task and not only waste my time but theirs too.

I did however pick up one of their rental car shops at the end of June.

drive 1.5 hours away from my house to do a new home shop (that the target did not show up for) in it.

returned the car, did the report and got paid today. YAY!

GoD is definitely in the mystery shopping business. Not trying to be religious but I'm just saying.
Are you saying She has us mystery shoppedsmiling smiley

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I have hung in, having never been stiffed by them. I do their shops that are worthwhile to me. Their payment has become per stated terms, and I don't find their reports objectionable.
I am so sorry you had the experience. I have done dozens of shops for them, but none like the one you mentioned. They pay faster than most, I have never had a problem with them, and have never been questioned on a report...even reports that contained negative answers which is usually questioned by many MSC's. Maybe you should do other types of shops they offer to give them a chance to "redeem" themselves.
I have done the energy shop. It was an easy shop; it lasted less than an hour, and the pay came quickly. The presenters spoke very clearly as they introduced themselves and taking of notes as the seminar progressed was encouraged.
Op but why are you having trouble with every shop you do? Does it not occur to you that something you are doing is not working?
I do a couple shops for them monthly, and feel pay o.k. for what is expected, haven't done the seminar, but enjoy the cosmectics and kiosk near me. They always pay.

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I am new to mystery shopping. I have only done one kiosk shop for about face. It was fun and no questions were asked about my report. I have a seminar coming up. The instructions are clear about names and times. The amount of open assignments is for all assignments. A different amount is those in your area. so just hang in there.
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