Is service slueth another "slow payer"...

I'm not saying they are, just wondering, are they a 90 payer? Has been quite a while since I did a shop for them almost 90 days.

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Yes - I think they pay at 90 days. On the positive side, I have never had to beg for the money, they do pay when they say they will.
Yes. I've done some end-of-the-month bonused shops for them and they definitely have a long pay period. I should be getting payment at the beginning of September for a shop I completed in June.
They COULD be a 90 dy. payer, but only if you completed a shop on the first of the month. Their terms are 60 days from the end of the assignment month. Since that is posted, shoppers either accept those dates or pass on the work. In the 6+ yrs. since my first of 161 jobs, I've never needed to beg, which is unacceptable to me.
They say they are about 60, pay at the end of the month two months after completing the shop. But then there are always a few days added. I don't do that much with them if it is out of pocket expenses. I just got paid Friday for a movie shop I did in the early part of May.
Yes, they are. I had a recent payment for early May. Funny thing is I had a payment for two of my shops after 60 days but the bulk which are over 25 shops on the first week of June, probably will be paid in September. But they will be paid without my hounding them. They are the slowest payers for me.
That's interesting y'all, hearing the longer pay cycle!

I did two shops for them, one in March - I was paid by the end of April; and one in late May/1st of June - I was paid in mid-July.

Weird how the pay cycles go!

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Along IntelliShop one of the slowest payers, but by my little experience with them (I got a bigger one with IntelliShop) they are both reliable MCS.

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I'll admit, the only shops I take from them are the movie ones that I just file a report of what happened on and don't have to do rewards. Since there is usually a movie I'd like to see anyway, I can always find a buddy to go with or my family.
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