What a lovely lot these Brits are. Or are they Aussies? Goes something like (totally paraphrasing) Well sorry dear that you were not able to get to this shop today. Could you possibly go there in the next day or two? Also, if you could get the report in the same day it would help us greatly. Have a lovely weekend.
Must be the great ale and shephard's pie.(: I will bet they all take their laptops to the pub.

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The company I believe is based out of Switzerland. I had applied for a job with that company. I don't remember the position, it wasn't a scheduler, it was more hours that I wanted to work and you had to fly to NYC for meetings or get there another way. Family situations didn't allow for all the requirements. Anyway, I was interviewed by someone from Switzerland and another time by someone from England. Both times they were extremely polite with perfect English.

I just found the whole thing extremely exciting. I was glad they didn't have the camera on for the Skype interview as they were early morning interviews...barely awake on this end.
I now remember it was a Swedish firm, also located in London. They recently sent me an email asking if I'd like part time work with their company. I haven't gotten a resume together yet. Looks like they're expanding.

Live consciously....
I do upscale retail in a nice mall that I work at alot. I have received an email asking for proofreaders, but didn't do anything about it.
cynb Wrote:
> Irene: what kind of work, if you do not mind
> saying.

Live consciously....
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