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I just registered with Shadow Shopper. As I filled out the profile pages, I did see HTTPS on the url, and also saw the valid security certificate when I right-clicked on the page. But when I looked at available jobs, it said I had to pay $4.95 for a gold membership. Does that sound right? I’ve always been told to never pay to get a shop. None of the other 4 companies I shop with (top names) ever asked me to upgrade.

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There are many companies that will take your money and give you something you can get for free just as easily- credit report, phone numbers, criminal records, etc. Maybe the convenience is worth it, but probably not.

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Right below your post is a link for more discussions about Shadow Shopper.

There are some shoppers who found it useful for a short time. They have also said that they were unaware of the mystery shopping forums and other sources for jobs. Most either have not gone that route, or not found spending money on otherwise free information to be a good investment.

There is a list of legitimate mystery shopping companies here, on and on the MSPA website. While legitimate does not mean perfect it is still recommended that you check out other shopper opinions on companies. Another good source to help someone new target companies is They also have both a paid and free version. Unlike Shadow Shopper, the job postings are available with that free membership. The downside is jobs listed may be out of date. The upside, you can see exactly what companies are currently offering jobs in your area and focus on them first. I don't recommend stopping with those companies. In mystery shopping it is definitely the more the merrier and there is no such thing as registering with too many companies.

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I too signed up with this company. I tried it for free first then took advantage of a half-price offer. It got me started, I can cancel at any time (so they say) and I find their daily emails helpful.
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