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I've worked for them a couple times. They are reasonable and fair. One time (my first time with them) I flaked in a big way, and they were surprisingly kind about it.
They are a good company highly recommended.

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I have a lot of assignments I do with them. I really like their company and assignments. The survey isn't too long and its to the point and the instructions are easy to follow. Another with the same set up as this one would be MeasureCP. SO if you like About Face you can try Measure.

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Hi Everyone,

I have done assignments and scored 9 and 10s with this company. Most recently, I did a phone shop for them. The phone connection did not work on the computer since time was an essential point to this shop I made the call, recorded it and then sent an email to the Scheduler before doing the report specifically asking if it would be accepted. The scheduler responded with a positive quote and I entered the shop (No easy task mind you!) I was notified by 4 different people at this MSC and it appeared as if no one communicated in this company. I sent copies of email sent to me by the Scheduler and whomever asked me to send them (4 people) mainly everyone that notified me and the shop was rejected.

Since I have not had any problems like this before I ask: Has anyone encountered this? I truly am leery about further shops with this company - their pay schedule is 45 days which is a lot of time compared to most of the shops I have done. Some experience would be helpful.

On another note - so glad there are these forums to bounce things off of shoppers.

I just took their cosmetics shop as I'll be in the area...I feel pay is low and time long, but they are fine, and sometimes
it's nice to have a check come in down the line when you forget about it.

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"The phone connection did not work on the computer since time was an essential point to this shop I made the call, recorded it"
I do a lot of phone shops. The most important aspect of a phone shop is to clarify if it is to be recorded or not. If it is to be recorded it is critical that you use the system they ahve in place. The client use those recordings with the report. If the recording is not there they cant use it. I suggest you always call from a land line if possible. If the recording is not possible call the scheduler either have them correct the issue or get there input PRIOR to completing the shop.
I did one shop for them with a large reimbursement. They paid much faster than I expected. smiling smiley
I completed my first assignment for this MSC almost 7 yrs. ago, when they operated under a different name; I've never had a problem.
Just found a $10 shop for 4 pics. Not so bad except Thanksgiving week and last year it was a $10 you keep purchase. This year pay only , no purchase. Not worth it.
The shop you are referring to CanadaMommy does include a purchase and reimbursement. If you have any questions about that shop, you can contact PX@aboutfacecorp.com. Have a great weekend!

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I'm getting ready to do my first shop with them. I read through the instruction sheet and was a bit overwhelmed with all the stuff I'm suppose to look for and "remember" after I leave there. I'm wondering if it is worth the payment. But I have atleast another week before I have to do the shop, so I have some time to study. I realize that some shops get easier after you have done them a few times. I want to get to know this company. I get concerned if I have to spend a lot of time prepping for a shop and then add in the shop time and the time reporting the fee and I'm down to making $5 (or less) an hour!!

Shopping off and on for 20+ years in NE Arkansas.
I love About Face, and wish they had more shopping opportunities in my area. I almost signed up for two of the $10/ 4 pix shops, but I realized it was a "reveal". I just can't (after five years) get over my nervousness of doing a reveal shop.

On a more positive note, the schedulers are terrific!
I did one shop for them, which required a visit to my home. I have always avoided those kinds of shops, as it goes against the anonymity of shopping (in my mind) but this one was for a service I'd been planning to utilize and had a VERY generous reimbursement. Not only was the observation interesting, the report was very straightforward and they paid (PayPal) in less than 30 days. I wouldn't hesitate to work for them again, but they don't have many assignments in my area that appeal right now. Hoping they land some additional clients, as I really enjoyed working with them!
I love working with this company. My only regret is that they do not have more assignments in my area!
tsk Wrote:
> I did one shop for them, which required a visit to
> my home. I have always avoided those kinds of
> shops, as it goes against the anonymity of
> shopping (in my mind)

Wow, I have to mention this never occured to me. I LOVE shops that come to me. Just had 4 exterminators come to check out my non existent termites. I felt a little guilty, as there are virtually no termites here, so I gave each of them homemade chocolate chip bars. smiling smiley

I'm trying to get the tree pruning shops again. I did them a little over a year ago, and it says I am not eligible now, but I did contact the scheduler.

Also loved the replacement window shops at $30 each, and actually used one company to put in new windows. It was great because I could show the one I liked the best the estimate from a lower company and ask if he would match it. Not only did he match it, but he threw in an extra free window.
I did my first shop for them last week and it was fun. I've signed up for another after Thanksgiving. Because they seem to pay well (on time, I hope) I wish they had more assignments in my area.
I did some shops for them in 2007. They had very poorly written instructions back then. The schedulers did not know the answers of questions. The accepted one shop and stiffed me on the other. They told me I didn't follow the scenario. Funny thing was used same for both locations (new home inquiry tour) I had made suggestions how to improve instructions. They took my recommendations at same time stiffing me $100. I have never shopped them again and would not do so. I could not recommend them and they were my worst shopping experience in 6 years. I can not speak for 2012
Their pay is terrible for the amount of narrative they require. One time, I took one of their "easy" $15 shops that ended up paying less than $5 an hour. Rarely do I work with them unless it is a big shop.
I have completed work for them recently. I really like them. They have responded to my e-mail inquiries/questions promptly. I would recommend them. The people I have dealt with have been professional and helpful. I have another shop scheduled with them this week.
I am so ticked! I had been working with a scheduler to do a shop they really needed filled that weekend. When I went to the shop, the place was not there. I called the scheduler, sent emails and after two days got a response to fill out the survey. I went on and did it and explained why I was late.

They have now removed my shop saying that I never did it?? I didn't know the protocol if the store wasn't at the location they needed me to shop. Boo!
Sounds like my experience with them. They were horrible in my opinion. Stiffed me $100 because of their poor instructions and clueless schedulers
Does anybody know the general timeframe for when they pay? I searched the forums and their website and didn't find any answer... I'm anticipating my mid-month payments!
My only notation is net 45 days. I don't know why, but the payment method is not there. You might want to check the FAQs page or even your ICA. It should be written somewhere on the site.

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Just signed up and took an online shop that sounded simple enough for $10. Hope it's as easy as it looked.

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jshoppermont Wrote:
> Does anybody know the general timeframe for when
> they pay? I searched the forums and their website
> and didn't find any answer... I'm anticipating my
> mid-month payments!

Under profile with the sub topic of NOTIFICATIONs it says----->>>>>>Please note shoppers are paid approximately 45 days from the date of the shop submission via PayPal. If it has been more than 45 days since you have submitted your shop, and you have not received payment, please contact heather.stokes@aboutfacecorp.com. <<<<<<<<

I hopes thsi helpssmiling smileysmiling smileysmiling smiley
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