The Consumer Insight and Retail Insight - Same MSC?

I belong to a mystery shopping job board that sends me jobs offers from many MSCs all on the same board. The following job listing is posted below. I removed the client name and shortened some of the shop details.

I am a bit confused because the posting refers to two different companies...The Consumer Insight and Retail Insight with two different scheduler e-mail addresses. Are these two companies one and the same?

When I tried to do some research, it seems to go around in circles. I somehow landed on a web page for Corporate Research International (Is that CORI?) but the shopper application said Customer Insights. So now I am even MORE confused!

Can anyone clarify?

Offered by: The Consumer Insight

Assignment Description:

Experienced Secret Shoppers needed to fill current openings and ongoing [CLIENT NAME] mystery shops. These shops require no purchase and are easy! No investment is necessary! Simply sign up and start shopping! We have an easy online application and scheduling system available 24/7 for your convenience. To apply go to [] click on “Shopper Sign Up” and register as a new user. Your now ready to shop! For questions, please email our scheduler at: We look forward to working with you smiling smiley The Retail Insight Team

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I followed the link in your post and it took me to a signup for "The Retail Outsource". I searched the job board and they have no jobs in my country (USA). Also, the email I got from them to confirm my address was from "."

Strange indeed.

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