SECOND TO NONE: Unfilled shops get increased fees??

Does this msc ever raise it's shop fees
for those that remain unfilled after a certain time span ???

Many Thanks

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Actually they do and will negotiate. I had some a couple of weeks ago that were already increased by as much as $20 and $25 and managed to get a few more bucks on each.

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Yes they do but not usually by much. However, I routinely get $5 bonuses on shops and when I'm doing 10 of them that's a nice bonus.
I agree with Lisa! Man oh man are Second-to-None great to work with (and negotiate) with-- you let them know what will work for you and if they're capable, they'll definitely work with you!

Best of luck!
yes towards the end of the month, they always send out emails for their shops with the incentives listed for each one.
Just in July, I noticed two office store shops in a coastal town about two and one-half hours away. The ones that normally pay $7 or so each? One is the "main" shop, and the other you get copies made? Well both were in the same location. They were offering a $20 on each shop. They sat unclaimed for a long time. Right before the deadline, I emailed and offered to do them for a $60 bonus each. They accepted my offer. I just had to enter/leave the store, between the two parts, waiting 15 minutes at least. The shops were incredibly easy, and I got to go to the northern-most beach in our state, which I've always wanted to do. To bad another bonused shop (different MSC) in that somewhat remote town was picked up before I could snatch it!

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I agree with the above responses...

They usually increase their bonus by $1 per day once they get near or beyond the deadline.

If you email them, you can wheel and deal....
They do bonus but you have to be careful sometimes. I was asked to specifically do 2 shops because it was the end of the month, but they were about 45 minutes away and the bonus wasn't that great. So I explained what I had going on that day and it would be the evening before I could get over there which would mean a late night for me by the time I got the reports entered, etc. Well, the next email I got from the scheduler said she had already put the shops in my shop log with a $5 bonus added lol. I was definitely wanting to hold out for more than that and thought we were at the beginning of the negotiating process.

Their forms are redundant and take me awhile to get through which, in addition to the distance, made me feel like it should have been at least a $20 bonus. Oh well, I didn't say anything since she had already put them in my log. I didn't want to come across as whiny since I do shops for them fairly often.

I generally like Second to None though.
You just need to name your bonus when you email them.

IE. "Hi, (name,) I see that these two shops are still unfilled. I can get them done for you today for a bonus of $20 each. If that works out for you, then go ahead and schedule me for them."
I had a copy job that was bonused $40. That was nice. Then they wanted me to do it again the next month for $6. Nope.
They increase them very slowly, $1 here, $2 there. Until they get down to the wire and really desperate, and you can score $20 or more bonuses.

I do a route for them occasionally, if they can't get it filled by other shoppers, and I require a $20 per shop bonus.
I've done some of the technology or copy shop stores a few times and generally get those in the $30 range. I find reports for those to be incredibly quick and easy. Of course these locations are in extremely rural or out-of-the-way locations, So even at $30 apiece I have to tie a couple of these together in order to make it profitable.
These people are FIRST CLASS. Special offers do come about when deadlines are close.They are SECOND to NONE. Don't ride tourist!
I have enjoyed a great relationship with STN. Yes, they bonus. Starting at $1 shop, and increasing bit by bit until they get a bite. Depending on location and need, bonuses can be unbelievable. I drove close to 140 miles round trip for a $9 reimbursement shop, for a bonus of about six times that. Of course, this cannot and does not happen on all unclaimed shops, or they'd go broke. Occasionally, though, when opportunity presents itself, STN can be all ears. Watch the board, and wide-out your radius toward middle-to-end of the month.
Just today, the donut shop was bonused $2. It is not far out of my way, usually pass it several times a week, so on a whim, said, "I'll do it for a $5 bonus." The only question from them, "When?" Scheduled for Wed. I have asked for much bigger bonuses and received them.
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