JMRidgway & Goodwin

Hopefully, I'm not the only one lucky enough to have gotten my last two payments from these companies on time, and without a single reminder email necessary? It was a real pleasant surprise!

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Well, before they always paid, after the maximum stated waiting time, and after a reminder email...

But now, the last two months, they have paid right on time or early, and without a reminder... so I was just wondering if maybe something has changed for the better?

I don't shop for them that often, as they don't even have a lot of shops in my area... but when I have, I've never *not* been paid, either.

Happiness is merely life's way of keeping you off-balance.
I hope so. I took a shop just to see. Payment was expected in 90 days. I received mine in 60...smiling smiley

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I shop for JMR, but would never do a shop that required a reimbursement.

Their shops go way up at the end of the month. I'll take $90 for two hours of work for JMR - and wait 60 days if necessary.

But trust them to reimburse me for a purchase? Nuh-huh.
I've done a bunch of shops for JMR. I've gotten paid for them all. I've only gotten one check that I didn't have to ask for though. It's annoying, but the shops are easy and reports are short so I deal.
I've done reimbursement shops for JMR for groceries, because they're groceries I'd be buying reimbursed or not.

I've never NOT received every cent owed, pay or reimbursement.

But it was fantastic to not have to *ask* for payment!

And yeah, Goodwin has been paying *early*! I love their cheap pizza shops. A couple of the locations near me (though not all) actually make pretty darned good pizzas. I get them for Friday night game-night with my nephews.

Happiness is merely life's way of keeping you off-balance.
I wonder..... of the msc people mailing those checks...... I wonder if they can take 90 days to pay their "electric bill/gas bill?"
I just received my August shop payments- yesterday. Done August 3rd, paid October 24th. That's way over 60 days.

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So true!!! I would love to ask Goodwin what their vendor payment terms are and whether or not they like waiting to get paid!!!

The company cannot even run it's payroll department, so you wonder how overall dysfunctional the rest of it is...yet the ass kissers on the V GOD site still bow to Goodwin. LOL
I've got two completed pending assignments awaiting payment from Goodwin. These were done recently, so I haven't started to send them "hey, what gives?" messages yet. However, I did an assignment for them in February that I didn't receive payment for until last month, and that was after hounding them. Really? SEVEN months? That is so unprofessional.

So why did I take on two more assignments? Only because Goodwin has a fantastic upscale restaurant client that I truly enjoy. But still, I have no doubts that I will have regrets a few months down the road from now.

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I was pleasantly surprised to receive a payment from JMRidgway recently without having to ask, too. I do grocery shops for them and their pay is higher than other grocery shops, so I don't mind waiting a bit. I hope this means JMRidgway is getting better about paying their shoppers on-time without having to remind them.

That said, I have always been paid by JMR and have always gotten my reimbursements.

I've never shopped for Goodwin. Are they really that bad?

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JMR pays considerably more on the furniture shops than the previous MSC(whom I loved for other reasons) You can only do them once a year. For this decent pay I can wait. I will still need the money then.
Goodwin isn't that bad anymore. Just in the last couple of months, they have started paying in 30 to 60 days (instead of the old 90, and at the 90-day point you had to email and "remind" them).

They only have carry-out pizza shops in my area (well, there is one other but it's so infrequent I can't remember what it was/is)... BUT, I happen to like the place. Except for the one location closest to where I live ~ they make crap, lately; but the other locations are pretty good.

Happiness is merely life's way of keeping you off-balance.
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