Tried to Cancel Shop, No Response from Intellishop

I had a shop that was due by Saturday.

I came down with the flu and also caught pneumonia. I haven't been this sick for as long as I can remember. Went to urgent care on Saturday morning. I need to stay at home for a while to get better.

I started emailing my scheduler on Friday morning when I was feeling sick. I emailed her 3 times. I also called the number for Intellishop and left a message. I also emailed the general help desk for Intellishop from their website.

I have gotten no response from anyone. It has been 3 days, and still nobody has gotten back to me.

Not sure what they're going to do. I tried contacting them with no luck.

This seems really unprofessional that they leave no way of shoppers contacting them in an emergency.

Anyone else have this experience with them?

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Sorry to hear you've been so sick. I've found intellishop to be fairly flexible. Don't stress about it and get some rest!
Sorry to hear you've been sick. Hope you are feeling better. I certainly feel your discomfort with schedulers who don't respond. I recently applied for and was assigned a restaurant shop with Reality Based, formerly Gamefilm, for whom I've done a number of shops. I was assigned late at night, several days in advance of the assignment due date. Early the next morning, I accessed the website and was unable to open the guidelines. I tried everything on my home computer, work computer, tablet and laptop. No way. I did an internet search for something to open the guidelines. Nothing. This has never happened before. I was not having difficulty with any other website and have never had a problem with Reality Based's website. I e-mailed the scheduler and got no reply. Four e-mails and 2 days after the shop was due, the shop was removed from my shop log. I never did get the courtesy of a response from the scheduler. I have found Reality Based to be a good company and have enjoyed working with them, but I agree with you: I found the total lack of a response from the scheduler to be rude and unprofessional.

I have not had that problem with Intellishop although I rarely e-mail them. Keep us posted and let us know if/when you do receive a response. Even a late response would be far more professional than NO response.
I had cancelled a shop with them via e mail (twice). No response, then I was given a zero for flaking it. No big deal. I do not. Like their report any way.
Not sure if it was allowed on the forum, so I PM'd you the email address of the scheduler in my area. She is quick to respond and hopefully she can forward your email to the appropriate person, or help you herself!

SteveLA, I have had no problems with Intelli.

While I have had none, and can't speak to communication issues with them, you raise an issue that's contentious with me. Weekend shops. When MSPs have weekend shops scheduled, they should have a scheduler on call, to answer the phone, or return an email, of a shopper in need of assistance. It's neglectful and unfair, to leave us to our own devices, without support, when circumstances go awry.

Hope you're feeling better ;}
Dont stress just get better, if its a flake its a flake at least you tried on your deathbed ; )
I'm slightly bummed about Intellishop myself. I feel I've been quite loyal to them, I have yet to flake in 40 assignments and I have two Hero citations. Yet whenever I apply for a shop that doesn't involve me at a truck stop, no one will assign it to me or respond to my email. I've recently been trying to get hotels because I am a drive away trucker and it sucks when I have to spend every night inside of a cold truck, so I really wanted the free room in exchange for the survey. There was a room spaced out that I could have done one every night and made perfect timing. Yet I never got a response until it was too late. Then I applied for one and my application got deleted yet it was still listed. I don't know what I've done wrong with them, I always get 8-10 on my grades and submit in the proper time frame. I get the feeling they think because I'm a trucker I'm a fat old red neck and wouldn't fit the profile, which is the opposite of what I look like. sad smiley Maybe I should just stop trying to get the hotel shops.

If I were you, I would ask them directly (in a nice way, of course) why and ask for a specific assignment to see how they respond. Also, how do they know you're a trucker? If you seriously suspect that's the reason, remove that info. from your profile if the info. is there, and don't volunteer that info. again.
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