Kinesis: Is anyone familiar with Kinesis?

I recently took a job through KSS International (Kern Scheduling) and am having trouble with the guidelines of the job. On page 2 it tells me not to agree to have anything mailed to me and on page 7 it says I have to wait until I get material mailed to me to complete the shop. I went to the Kinesis website and logged in and cannot find who to contact about this issue, so I contacted KSS and haven't heard anything back yet.

Also, there is no place on the web site indicating how often I will get paid for this job.

Is anybody familiar with Kinesis?

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I did some financial shops a year or so ago, straight forward and got paid accurately and on time.
I know the exact shop you are referring to - am doing similar ones here in my area - and I came across the same discrepancy. I chalk that up to "copy pasted the instructions from one very close shop to this new one" and then add the "oops but I didn't double check that all the instructions make sense/stay the same"

That is a huge pet peeve of mine and have found some HUGE mistakes like that which ultimately cost us time and $$ while we futz around with figuring it out. Luckily, though, you only have to figure it out once! hee hee

I am in the same holding pattern as you are right now as I wait to see, and then report, if someone mails something to me at home ....the very same home that I was SPECIFICALLY told not to give out the address to or agree to accept any materials at. Gotta love it!

At least you aren't alone smiling smiley

Feelin the pain right along with you . . . .
I recently did a shop for Kinesis and the instructions were poorly written. It just took too much time to try to make sense of them.
I've had the same problem. Kinesis isn't keen on providing contact info. I've had guideline or scheduling questions, and KSS was non-responsive. That two-punch can leave the shopper in a lurch. I would recommend that shoppers proceed with caution. Also, save copies of any email requesting assistance, as well as numbers, dates and times of phone attempts seeking assistance.
ewalsh Wrote:
> I did some financial shops a year or so ago,
> straight forward and got paid accurately and on
> time.

Me, too, for the military financial shops, but I stay away from the investment shops.

Not my circus - Not my monkeys @(*.*)@

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