Mystery Shoppers Inc.

Has anyone done work for Mystery Shoppers Inc? Have you received your pay on time?

Cruising middle TN

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Thanks, that is the one. I started work for them in August and have not recieved payment yet.
I really like the lady who answers the phone. Also, the reporting is not very difficult.
But, bottom line, I would like to have my $400+. I guess I will have to put the 'dogs' on it.
The headquarters for this company is only 2 hrs. away. I may be the dog. ha!
Ah... they have very little in my area, but there was one isolated shop awhile ago, where I had to shell out a substantial amount of money. Reimbursement came very quickly... I would try calling again -- I agree, they're very nice.
And they can be reached instantly during the day. I like that. And yes, I will 'dog' again tomorrow.
I didn't have anything with them for the whole month of October.

Cruising middle TN
I regularly do the shop that nicelytwicely mentioned. They are a little slow in the paying field but I've never missed a payment.
Cruiseguy, they are a good and reliable company. They pay by check, which is cut the end of the month following the month that shops were completed. For shops done in August, checks would have generated the end of September, and should have been received within the first week or so of October. Definitely get them on the horn.
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