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Hello everyone hope your having a good day. So to get right to the issue. I did a shop for these guys last month. Now when I accepted it i read over and copied off all the information to be able to double and triple check so I missed nothing. It didn't say how long I would have to wait for payment but I went ahead and did the shop anyway.

Here is the issue I am now having. After doing a bit of research for myself on how and when they pay I found a few discrepancies which I have been trying to get an answer to from them. First I did find on their evaluator-contact information page:

"Payments will be issued on the 10th of each month for all assignments completed, per the guidelines for that assignment, within the previous calendar month; if this date falls on a weekend or recognized holiday, payment is issued the next business day. IntelliShop reserves the right to revise this schedule at its discretion."

Then I went to look at their shopper faqs page and it states this:

"Shopper Payments
When will I be paid for my shop?
Payment for your shops will automatically be sent through PayPal approximately 60 days after the last day of the month in which your shops were completed. We normally pay on the 20th of the month (or on the following business day). Selected shops may be sent to PayPal approximately 30 days after the last day of the month your shops were completed.

Please keep in mind that it takes PayPal up to 5 business days to process payments once they have been transferred. We ONLY pay via PayPal; no checks are ever issued.

For evaluations requiring some form of paperwork (receipts, associate business cards, etc.) we must receive your paperwork by the 1st of the month in which the payment will be made in order to get it processed in time to include your payment in that monthly payment batch. Any paperwork received after the 1st will not be paid until the following monthly payment batch."

But to be fair and try to get the correct information I did use their contact us form as a shopper and sent them an email asking about payment for my shop. Here is what I received back finally this morning from them.


All Shoppers are paid approximately 60-70 days (unless specifically
noted otherwise) from the date of the completed shop. Your Shopper Log
will show a "Payment Pending" status in the period that you are to be
paid. We pay on the 20th of the month through PayPal.
You will receive an email notification when payment is sent and you must
claim your funds within 30 days. All monies sent to PayPal require that
you accept payment before it becomes available in your account.
Please note that your Shopper Log is the record for all Shops that you
have been assigned while working with us. All Payment information is
included in this log. You may reference this information at any time.

Thank you!

Kimberly Fritsch
Office Manager

So now onto the biggest issue here. Do they know when they do or do not pay at all. It seems quite clear that they do not from their own web site and information which they put out.

I will say this has made it clear to me that I will NOT be doing any kind of shopping for them when they dont even have a realistic beleivable answer for anyone doing the work but they can sure send out email says "need done now help me please".

Once I get paid in what 6 months for this shop, I will be all done with them. This is just bad practice and I have since found others I know that have said this was their issue also and they won't do anything for them and have removed them from their list of places that they do shop.

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It has been a long time since I read all that. Shops are paid via PayPal on the 20th of the second month following the shop. While some shoppers choose to count the exact number of days between a shop and payment, I prefer to consider companies that pay one time a month to be either "net 30" or "net 60." If they pay anytime during the month following they would be net 30. If it is the second month, net 60. Intellishop does pay on time. Very few of their shops are set up for net 30. I've only seen their oil change shops get bumped up and only when they were having a difficult time filling the jobs.

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They have two payment frames.

Some shops are paid within 30 days. The 30 day terms are generally an incentive to get a shop filled. If a shop is to be paid within 30 days, it will be noted in caps all over that shop's paperwork.

Otherwise, shops are paid 60 days after the end of the month of that shop. Meaning, if you do a shop anytime in November, it will be paid sometime around the end of January.

They do pay on time according to their terms, slow as it may be.
They have changed a lot of their shops from the 60 day range to the 30 day range.They usually pay around tjhe 20th or 21st. If your shop log says payment pending then you will be getting paid that month.
Some of their shops pay 30 days (car dealerships for example or nursing homes) and the others pay 60 days.
I have done several car shops for them but none were paid in under 2 plus months. I do not mind waiting 60-90 days but 30-45 days would be much nicer.
Wolfie, I completed shops for Intellishop on 10/6, 10/11 and 10/15 and haven't received payment just yet but the site reflects payment pending as Pamala pointed out (thank you Pamala by the way, I didn't know that previously!). Hopefully that gives you an idea to help with the dates you completed your shop. This will be my first payment from Intellishop and even though there is a delay in payment compared to the 9 other MS companies I am working with, there is something about Intellishop's site that is super easy to navigate and assign shops to myself.
Oh guys I understand the net 30 and net 60...have done far to much accounting not to get My issue is they have posted 3 different kinds of pay for jobs and believe me i looked i copied it to my laptop desktop so that I could see how they paid. I do shopping for other places and alot of them pay once a month which is perfectly fine.

I have already shut off any notices from these guys tho all done with them because I can't get a straight answer from them. How hard is it to say "Well no, we didn't put a pay out when on there. But here is when you should look for payment." Is that kind of straight up answer so impossible to get out of them. Really??

If that can't be answered so simply instead of avoiding an answer it says they will do this kind of behavior with everything else. And I just won't deal with a place that can't answer a simple questions even if it is something they have to copy and past off their own site. At least that would be an answer that meets what is there already instead of yet another new answer.

Shopping from Denver, CO to Cheyenne, WY...gotta love the scenery along the way!!!!!
I thought they paid the 20th of the month following the shop. I guess I'll know in about four days from now. I've got two intellishop jobs from October (one early in the month, one on the last day of the month) showing Payment Pending.

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IntelliShop must like me better than y'all. I've done over 20 shops and they have all been paid on the 20th of the following month. Sometimes that works out to more than 30 days, sometimes less.

If you can't afford to float your expenses a couple months while waiting for reimbursement, you probably need to stay away from reimbursement shops. There are plenty of shops that don't require a purchase. Sunglasses, cell phones, and banks to name a few. Gas stations usually only require a minimal purchase - it could be 35 cents - in the store. The gas purchase shouldn't be a problem as you need to buy gas anyway.

Sometimes I get so busy and build up so much reimbursement that I run into a bind. My credit cards close on the 13th and 18th of the month, and most MSC's seem to pay around the 20th. I've had to float it from savings on occasion.

After that happens I'll slow down on reimbursement shops for a bit and let the checks roll in.

Make sure you save some of your profits so that you're prepared for long reimbursements. Also, if you're new, you may want to avoid large dollar reimbursements. If your shop gets rejected you WON'T get reimbursed. If you're new, you're pretty likely to mess up a shop while you're learning. It's okay. Just think of it as paying tuition. You didn't lose money. You gained experience. smiling smiley

Was that enough unsolicited advice?

For those of you expecting payment for October shops this month, unless it specifically stated that you'd be paid in 30 days, I wouldn't look for your pay until the middle/end of December. I'm still waiting for pay/reimbursement from a 9/19 shop..payment pending. I expect it next week. They pay slow, but they do pay so you shouldn't worry about not receiving your money. You just need to have patience with them.

Back in the day, for those of us who've been around awhile, Intellishop used to be one of the fastest payers. They've done a 360 on that now.

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I have to give credit where credit is due. I received payment much faster than usual from Intelloishop on one recent shop.
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