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I don't know what is going on with Gap Busters but some of their **** shops are really nice pay. I did two in one day. One paid 31.00 and the other paid 53.00. I have one on Sunday and it is 70.00. I don't know if they can't find someone to shop those locations or what. And I am thinking of going to one next week and it is 80.00. So everyone take a look at Gap Busters they are doing something new.

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The pay for GAPbuster assignments goes up as it gets closer to the deadline. I stopped self-assigning shops as soon as they came on-line because $10 CA did not cover my mileage. Then I started getting phonecalls with offers of bonuses to complete the shops. Recently, however all my local shops disappeared off the board right as soon as it opened, so someone new must be shoppping my area.
I also saw the increased rates for GapBuster. Unfortunately, none are ever in my area anymore--NE PA. I haven't been able to get a job with them in several months. I used to do quite a few on a regular basis.
When I click on the Gap Busters links it doesnt bring me to a website, it brings up different websites. I thought Gap Busters was one website
I'm still doing jobs for this company at an absurbly low rate. There are California jobs available, but I havn't seen the high paying ones you are talking about. The gas has gotten so expensive in Calif. that sometimes it barely pays to do the work for any company!!!!
Gas is outrageous everywhere. Right now, we're paying three dollars a gallon. Unfortunately, I have a SUV which stinks on mileage. I also have a hard time getting several jobs on one day. I sometimes do three to four jobs a week, but it never works out with due dates where they fall on the same day. If gas keeps rising which I'm sure it will, I think people will have to think twice about doing the low paying jobs.
I am signed up as a shopper for Gap Busters, but rarely do they have any shops in my area. Or at least they go really quickly.
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