Service Evaluation Concepts Not Paying

I did a shop for Service Evaluation Concepts (SEC) in August of 2012. In October 2012 almost two months after I completed the shop for which I'm due a reimbursement of around $84, I received an e-mail saying my bank account information was incorrect even though they were aware of this in early September. I faxed the information the same day and was told I would receive a check for the next billing cycle. On October 29th, Hurricane Sandy apparently destroyed SEC's ability to pay. I was sympathetic. However, no check arrived during November. When I contacted their payroll person Susie Jones, I was told that they would be making payments on December 4th. Of course, that date has come and gone as well.

Personally, I think they're lying about their ability to pay. When I spoke with a secretary, she told me the bank had issues. Since I've worked in IT disaster recovery planning, I know that banks have redunant systems and are usually operational within 24-48 hours pending a major natural disaster. My own company has 4 different sites throughout the country as part of its disaster planning. So, I can only conclude that SEC decided to defer payment and blames it on the hurricane.

I'm approaching 4 months with no reimbursement. Since, I'm not a particularly trusting sort, I cancelled all other shops I had scheduled with them. I suspect I will never see this reimbursement either.

I do not plan on working for them again.

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Sad to hear that turn of events. While it has been well over a year, I used to have a steady amount of assignments with them. There were a couple of minor pay glitches that were resolved, but resolved slowly. I hope you get your money and that this is not the end of SEC.

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I haven't worked with them since they've lost most of their retail clients, but when I did they were always reliable and professional. Don't know what has happened here, but my experience with them has always been positive. Wish they had some of my old favorites, but all I see are healthcare shops these days.

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I have written about this topic before. No one ever had any information.
I have unpaid shops for September to the tune of $100.

Here is a copy of the email I received in November.

Service Impressions

Nov 15

to undisclosed recipients
Dear Service Impressions mystery shoppers,

Thank you for taking the time to read this email. Unfortunately, there has been
a delay in the disbursement of the payments for our August and September
mystery shops. We will have the payments sent by the end of November at the
latest. We hope to have them out sooner. Thank you in advance for your patience
and understanding in this matter.

As we know, November has come and gone and there are no payments.
Can someone who knows more about this help us and find out what we should do? I hate to eat $100.

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There is no payment issue with SEC. I was paid timely the entire year. I just got November's shop payment early December. Some of the shops does not allow you to attach the receipt and you have to fax it in. Be sure the they get the fax by emailing their feedback department.

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