I was just wondering if anyone does work on a regular basis for TNS Rapid Movie Checks? I have been a member with them for over a year now and never heard a thing. Recently, I managed to get them on the phone and found out who the scheduler for my area is and she turned out to be a very rude individual who didn't even want to bother taking the time to check whether or not I was on her active list/database. All she told me was that there are very few assignments in my area (since I live in the NYC area, I highly doubted what she said) and then she just hung up on me. I'm especially interested in anyone who does work for them in the NYC area and if they can let me know either on the web here or through a private message what the name and contact information of your scheduler is? I just want to make contact with someone else from this company who will actually take the time to verify my information. I just find it hard to believe that they do nothing in the NYC area.

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I think TES Rapid Check is what you mean instead of TNS. TNS is a company that does a fair amount of jobs that, in my area, include reveal gas stations and in a more expanded area do a fair number of Time Share evaluations. TES/RapidCheck I have never signed up with.
Their exact name as posted on their website is TNS Media Intelligence/TES. Here's their website link: []

Anyone work for them on a regular basis, especially in the NYC area?
They occasionally have trailer checks and no longer do undercover theater mystery shops. You cannot login into their site to seek jobs, they call or email you when something is available in your area.
Yeah, after being transferred about 5 times, I finally reached someone who was able to help me reach an actual scheduler to find out why I'm not being called for work. The lady who's in charge of NJ was very rude and abrubt with me and didn't even want to bother making sure I was on her "calling list". I can't understand why a company would hire someone who is so rude and useless. However, since I live very close to NYC I was able to make contact with a scheduler who covers that area and she was very friendly and kindly added me to her contact list for trailer checks. Hopefully this one will actually call me. Only time will tell.
Yep, sure enough, it's part of TNS.

I'm not too far from you, nj, and have never received emails from them. I hope you're already planning to be in the city before you account for transportation and/or bridge tolls for some piddling little fee. It doesn't even pay for me to do trailer checks in my own county.

As far as rude schedulers, we've seen it all. A favorite quote from our beloved Flash:

"It has always been a surprise to me that companies that specialize in evaluating service of clients for effectiveness don't seem to bother applying their evaluation skills to their own behaviors. "
Not entirely related, but after a year of being signed up with Hanover, I finally got an offer to do a trailer check. All day long, multiplex, every show, every theatre. Not happening. I would go crazy trying to run between these for a half hour then sit in the theatre for an hour or so, then do it again!

It must pick up at Xmas...I got a call from Certified to do 6 checks first show at local multiplex Friday. I have stuff scheduled or would have tried that one. They told me I could bring people with me to do it.

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Yeah, so far TNS Rapid Checks hasn't contacted me either, even after I spoke to the person who's supposedly the scheduler from my area. I guess they either have enough people or just not active with theater work in my area. Anyway, it's nice to hear that Hanover is indeed doing trailer checks now. I would only do a trailer check in NYC if I already have plans to be there anyway, which happens quite often. But, if Hanover is starting to do trailer checks, it may be a good sign that some clients are dropping Certified and realizing how poorly they treat their shoppers.
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