CORI - Internet Explorer - MAC user...

Is there a way around IE for CORI... I am a Mac user!

I have enjoyed working for CORI, but they only accept a form if you use IE. I only have a Mac computer and I have successfully used Safari with their website and under the developer I click on - use Safari as IE 7.0.

This has worked in the past. But when they had their server issues this month I tried and tried to put in a shop over the course of a few days this way. It would not work at all! I used Firefox and on my end it went through with a code and everything.

They caught it though and did not accept the job. I have sent in requests to have them update their form and be able to use it on ANY browser but IE. No one responds. I guess I am going to have to set aside my CORI jobs for a while, maybe indefinately.

I do not want to upload an unsecure copy of IE to my Mac as it is my only computer!

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Go use a computer at a library or friend's house?

I think I've done CRI reports on Firefox. I use Chrome on this computer (where I schedule shops) and Firefox on the one in my "shopping" office, where I report shops. I also use Chrome on this computer (my laptop) if I'm reporting on the road but I'm not sure if I've reported a CRI shop from the road. And I don't know if I had to switch over to IE when I did enter the two reports I did or if they took them from Firefox. I do have IE on all my computers but only use it if Chrome or Firefox doesn't work.

Other than telling you to get a "real" computer (LOL) I don't know what else to suggest. The software limitations of the Mac is why I don't use one.

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The only limitations I have encountered on a Mac are on the CORI site. In all other areas, the Mac is far, far superior to windows. smiling smiley

I have been able to use Firefox in the past, but haven't done a shop for them in two months. I actually have an old desktop I haven't updated that I use for CORI.
:p <-- that's supposed to be a sticking out tongue smiley.. LOL

I battle about Macs versus PC's with my sister all the time. We are each convinced we have won.

I pray it does not occur that the last thing I did before I died was vacuum the house or eat broccoli.

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We have just had macs in our house since I married hubby in 89, so obvious preference there. winking smiley

I do some video editing for social stories I make for kids at school and my windows machine is worthless for that. I have to bring it home and can finish so much more quickly.
Off topic: stories. Wonderful tools for many kids! I do some great video editing on my Windows machine.
Yaaayyy... Finally heard something back about my only complaint with CORI. (after I posted the question here, maybe that's the trick?) Sad though it may take 6 months to a year sad smiley

The Email Says...
We are currently working on our web browser compatibility. We are in the process of developing a new form system that will allow any and all web browsers to be used. This process does take awhile; however, within 6 months to a year we hope to be fully integrated into the new system.
Thank you,
Heather Crum
Client Operations Support Representative
Six months to a year?!?!?!


Although, I have used Chrome 90% of the time with no problems.

But, there have been a few times my reports weren't accepted. I had to copy-paste into IE. Really annoying.

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For most of their shops, I get it there message that pops up couple of times and goes away - Annoying but not a big deal. However, there is one gas station shop but I've forgotten what a pain it is on my system and accepted multiple times. If I try to type on the form on error message will literally parked up after each keystroke. Even with typing in Word and pasting I get error messages on each radio button I click or every time I try to copy and paste text in a box. They usually feel like beating my head against a wall about the time I'm finished with that shop.
Stormcloud - you use Chrome... Hmm might have to download that one. I was wondering how they knew I was not using IE.

I can actually use their site better on Firefox than anything else.

Oh, and I hate the pop-ups makes it take forever to get the form filled out!

They've always paid though. My shopper rating just went down the tube with the last job I was trying to submit and had tons of trouble with. Every day they extended it my rating went down....
I have a Mac and I have completed many shops for CORI with minimal problems. However, this past week when I took some shops I did have issues getting my shops submitted. I usually used Safari or Firefox and if I remember, I would use Internet Explorer. On that day, Safari would not submit the report at all and Firefox went to error. This was all AFTER I had tried to login with IE, but I could only login and then the page did not load. I tried several times and IE did not work. I thought I had saved my work, but it didn't save.

This all took two hours to submit the first shop. I then went on to submit the second shop and it did go through on Firefox. I do get errors after keystrokes no matter what browser I use, using my Mac.

I called the next day to report the problems I had. I spent a half an hour on the phone getting a lecture from a scheduler I hope I never have to deal with again. My scheduler was on vacation. She told me that I should use a REAL computer and not a Mac?? I told her when you get 1000 viruses a day and now you no longer get any, I will keep my Mac. She just kept going on telling me I was wrong. I kept telling her IE would not come up, apparantly she did not hear me. This scheduler finally had a supervisor to get the shop to go through. I thought all was resolved. NOPE!!

A few days later I get an email that my shop was not accepted because it was not submitted on IE. They are now only allowing reports to be submitted on IE. I told my scheduler who was now back from vacation the issues, but it went on deaf ear. I was told to resubmit the shop or I would not get paid and my rating would be affected. Since my original report was gone, I submitted a report, but not nearly as detailed as the first one, only highlighting what was required. CORI admitted they had my shop report, but I had to resubmit it? Did not understand that one.

The other issue is another family member does CORI shops and does them on a PC. This person has had the same issues. This person is done with CORI because this person is not going to spend hours submitting shops.

CORI does a few shops that I enjoy doing, but I do not have hours to submit a shop that usually takes a few minutes. I guess I will have to wait until CORI fixes their software issues as it's a mess right now.
I thought they have IE for Mac. I have an old Imac and I have IE, though I havent used it in years.
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