Technical problems with About Face/Shopmetrics

Has anyone had problems submitting surveys for mystery shops with AboutFace/Shopmetrics? I tried to submit a survey yesterday evening, and it kept bouncing back saying "Number required !". All questions were answered, and all numbers pertinent to answers were provided. I called the company and was voice mailed to death. Then I emailed the tech support and no response til this a.m. All I got was an extended deadline til Monday, which is when I assume tech support will be back in the office. I tried resubmitting again today but no success. Wondering if there was a glitch in the survey upload and if I need to upload the survey again and retype in all new answers??? For $12 this is very time consuming..... (

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P.S. Today I got two nasty emails reminding me that my assignment was "overdue" despite the fact that I had called and emailed the company requesting technical support and help getting the survey to upload to their website. Grrrrr....
While not fun, often those overdue e-mails are computer-generated and the computer only knows what it knows, your report has not been submitted.

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Every since shopmetrics changed its site, I haven't been able to search for or easily see and review guidelines assigned by scheduler via email. Any idea what the problem is?
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