ABOUT FACE: Do not call. NOBODY answers anywhere!!

Tried calling numerous times throughout the day and literally everybody I was switched to was hiding behind their voice mail, including, the sales dept, must to my shock.

Had I been a prospective client trying to reach a live sales rep to sign up for ms, I would just have gone elsewhere.

They clearly have a serious aversion to telephones, in fact, they can save a $$$$$$ bundle by getting rid of them as nobody wants to be bothered answering any of them anywhere in the entire organization. You can't even reach a live receptionist either!!!

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I had another issue with them (see new thread) and this just reinforces my perception of their arrogance and insensitivity.
Hmmmm, gotta respectfully disagree.

I left About Face a voice mail message last night at 7:30 PM EST about unclear instructions on a shop I had scheduled for today.

Got a return call at 9:30 AM from a nice lady in the Atlanta area.

Maybe it helped that I looked at the paperwork, got the scheduler's direct line, and left the shop number and a clear explaination of the problem?
I have never had a problem reaching a human at About Face. Maybe it's a fluke. I would keep trying.
Not only have I had problems with them not answering the phone, there have also been difficulties with them answering e-mails regarding shops and shop hours etc. But by golly they do not hestitate to let you know your shop is late (which I had emailed them about and why and shop hours.)
I have never had anything but great communication with aboutface. they also have a live chat function during the day. they have been great to me.
I can't imagine what's happening to you...I've had nothing but GREAT response and relations with aboutface. I really even seek out many of their jobs because they are so easy to work with!
I have also received prompt communication when needed. This is one of my favorite companies to work with.

Based on all the threads about MSCs you have issues with, maybe you should find something new to do.
Sorry you've been having trouble, Arch, but that's not been my experience at all. I did two shops recently, one which required some clarification, and needed to reschedule the other one. Spoke to them on the phone about rescheduling, and communicated about the other via email. There was some back and forth, all within a matter of hours.
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