Second to None

Has anyone been paid by Second to None? I can't remember if they pay on the 15th or the last day of the month.

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It is the 15th by direct deposit.

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Me too! This thread reminded me to go check. : )

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I just got paid...but, the amount was off from what I was supposed to get. Will chat with them about it.
My STN payment hit my PayPal account today. smiling smiley

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I guess if you use paypal they are still charging $1. The only one that I know that does this. However, goes directly to my paypal debit card,so OK.
I didnt know they charged for paypal? I got mine today. I too have a shop they did not include. It might not have made the cut off for December?
They do subtract the PayPal fee from your payment if you use PayPal. Direct deposit incurs no fee.
Payments have never been a problem with STN for me. I really like STN, however, lately they are not replying to email, have some new schedulers that forget to let you know via email or any other way that you have a job you applied for. I just happened to be looking at the STN site and saw I was assigned a shop and did not even know it!

It appears there is less and less jobs in the area, I live. There used to be a page or two filled with jobs, now maybe five or 6 jobs so I started to apply at more MSCs. Now I see why people on this forum with more experience than I have (1 year+), share you have to apply at many MSCs.
STN jobs are self-assigned. You apply and if no one beats you to applying, you will get it the next morning. It's a "next day" self assign.

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cubbiecat Wrote:
> STN jobs are self-assigned. You apply and if no
> one beats you to applying, you will get it the
> next morning. It's a "next day" self assign.

And, a confirmation email is generated and sent to the shopper.

The only thing better would be instant self-assign.
I just got paid yesterday for a job I did on 12/3 so I can't complain. The only thing weird was that the amount of payment was $1.00 less than I was supposed to get. Will look into that on Tuesday.
If you choose to have your money deposited into PayPal they deduct a dollar for doing that transaction. If you get it deposited into your checking account is it free.
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