Beyond Hello, anyone?

I have a HUGE shop coming up from Beyond Hello. I will be charging $1600 worth of high-end merchandise on my credit card ($800 per shop, 2 shops, same company, 2 different locations within the same mall). 2 days later I am to return the merchandise, but this store is high-end and only gives store credit. I am promised I will be fully reimbursed via PayPal within one week of the receipt of the original receipts, for which they are paying UPS postage.

I plan on saving a copy of the receipts, and I have all the emails.

I have shopped for BH before and never had a problem. I have no reason to believe the scheduler is lying, but this is just plain and simple a little scary. The pay for this particular shop is great, and it's obvious why.

What are your opinions on this? Would any of you have a problem laying out $1600 for a week?

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In this market, yes. I am surprised that a 'high-end store' would only provide a store credit if you have a receipt. I believe that is actually illegal here in Florida. I am assuming that you do actually see this shop on what you know for sure is Beyond Hello's website an that this was not just in response to an email.
I'd be scared, too. Regardless of the fact that BH has been a good company for me to work with, that's a substantial sum of money. The store credit doesn't ring true. Did you check to see if this is indeed the case with this high-end store? I'd be looking for more assurance at a higher level than scheduler. Also, I'd double check by telephoning BH and not soley communicating via email.
I was asked about doing what might be this same shop (but, I said it was too high a $ outlay for me to consider.) What I do remember though is that it did not state that it will ONLY be store credit, but that it could be only store credit (and if it was, then it was to be handled the way stated in SusanMB's note.) I like Beyond Hello, but unless I was going to make a purchase anyway, I would be leery of any shop that required me to lay out that much cash, especially in this economy. $200 FD is my max.

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Yes, it's on the website for sure. I have seen the scheduler's name, so this is not something "off", except for the outlay on my card. The store is VERY (and I'm talking VERY) high end, so it does not surprise me that there are no returns for cash. I could see buyer’s remorse setting it at this store. The mall that I have to go to is all upscale stores literally a few blocks from my house, and I will have to dress the part. I'm doing 2 other shops that same day in more very expensive stores ($700 pens and the like). I'm just worried about the credit and the reimbursement. I have communicated with the scheduler numerous times asking details of how to get reimbursed, when it will come, etc. and she answered all of my questions.

I don't want to cancel this shop for a number reasons (letting down the scheduler, the HUGE paycheck that goes with it, ease of the shop, etc) but I'm getting nervous!
Too bad you can't do one, return it for the credit and use the credit at the second one. Then worse come to worst you would be out only one. Hopefully in your state they will need to give you a choice of credit to your credit card or store credit and it will be a moot point.
Flash, that is what I seem to remember in my offer. Maybe it does vary by state regulations.

“Lying in bed would be an altogether perfect and supreme experience if only one had a colored pencil long enough to draw on the ceiling."
~Gilbert K. Chesterton
Hmmm, really good points. I never thought of either. I know that some stores here (NJ) do only give credit if they wish, so that may not work. I wonder if I can use that credit though, I will ask my scheduler.

Thank you!!
A phone call to the store . . . "Hi, I was looking last week at a _______ in your store that I think my sister would love for her birthday. If she absolutely doesn't love it, can it be returned?" I'm sure they will say 'yes' and you follow up with whether that would refund to your credit card so you could get her an item instead from another company because you know she needed ________ for her car if they don't mention whether that would give you store or other credit.
Eh, I called. Store credit only within 10 days. sad smiley I guess I'll do it. I'll let eveyrone know how it goes. I am getting a huge paycheck for this one, so I just can't turn it down.
Probably don't even have that shop down here--or without the huge paycheck. Florida consumer law says I can return for full refund (I believe it is within 30 days) with receipt and item in original, saleable packaging. I believe this extends as well to items that are not functioning properly as I have never had a problem with returning equipment that doesn't work right out of the box for refund or exchange. On occasion I will see a specific notice in a store that non-functioning product I MUST directly contact the manufacturer, but that is rare.
There was one in Florida, I think it might have been in Bal Harbour? I've returned plenty of items in NJ for a refund, but I suppose with items that are this expensive they don't want them used and then returned is my guess.

Honestly I am not looking forward to this shop. The mall is so high-end that I have to play the part-no jeans and a sweatshirt for this one! I have a cold too so getting "dolled-up" isn't what I'm going to feel like doing. I won't be complaining when I get paid though, that's for sure.
I'm interested to know how to you do too. Bal Harbour, FL has a similar shop from the same company, for $1500 worth of clothing for store credit only with paypal reimbursement. Quite a load of dough for only one batch of cookies! I'm not experienced enough for it yet.. and its too far from me.

Good Luck.

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That is the same shop. It was $1500, but since I am doing 2 locations in the same mall they dropped it to $800 per location. I live in an affluent town, even though I don't consider myself an affluent-type, so I've learned how to play the part if necessary just through my life here! They said they would reimburse me through PayPal within a week after I send the store credit in to them. I will then use the PayPal money to pay my credit card.

It's not the best scenario but it's paying $150 for both shops, so I just can't turn it down.

Wish me luck.
BE VERY CAREFUL....something is not right on this one

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If I could say the brand I was shopping and where I was going you would not be as skeptical. It's a famous brand that we hear of all the time in Hollywood. It's "right", I just want to make sure I get reimbursed quickly, that is my main concern. I find it hard to believe a company like Beyond Hello would risk their reputation on something like this. I just have to make sure I have a paper trail for everything just in case something comes up...
Go for it SusanMB. You have thoroughly checked all angles and have sought feedback from experienced shoppers. I think I would probably do it. Keep us posted.
I did the shop today. I didn't enjoy it though, mostly due to the amount of money I had to spend to purhcase these items (which are nowhere near worth it) all while the economy is so bad. It actually sickened me.

I'll let everyone know how it goes as far as the reimbursement... keep your fingers crossed because I spent $1595.00 today.
Yes, that is a problem with big ticket items.

I did a furniture shop today. Cheap quality Chinese import stuff. Lots of BS about 'high density' foam cushions that had the squish of regular cheap foam. I liked the look of the piece, so did look at it with the thought of possibly buying, but stitches per inch were very few on the upholstery and the thing was so light I could have literally picked up a 7' sofa and carried it out to my truck unassisted. Wood? No way. The frame must have been wood veneered styrofoam. $700.
This was a shirt made of rayon (with an expensive label on it), and it cost more than the styrofoam sofa! LOL
You got that right. I was sickened, really. Here I am excited about a $75 mystery shop, buying an $800 rayon shirt. PUKE. My husband makes a nice salary, which is what allows me to live in my affluent town, but I buy most of my clothes at Target or Marshall's. What a waste of money... I can feed my family and another family for a month AND donate food to the local food pantry for $800, not buy a top. Yuck, makes me ill what people will waste their money on when there are people starving, animals that need homes, people losing their homes, etc.
Economic news indicates that this recession has seen a slow-down in spending from the wealthy, not seen before. Wonder if this upscale assignment was posted 3 years ago. Have conditions resulted in shops never before considered? Weird.

If I ever win the lottery (I buy a total of $5 to $10 in lottery tickets per year, but hey - it could happen!) I hope to keep my common sense.
Having money and spending money do not go hand in hand. I had clients with a net worth exceeding $10 million and incomes of $8-15k per month exclusive of perks. They knew they were 'solidly rich' and had little need to spend money to prove anything to themselves or others. Yes, they would occasionally buy a $25k piece of artwork because they really liked it and also felt it was a good investment, but generally their spending on themselves was not excessive. On the other hand there is the sister of my good friend who is married to a guy earning $125k per year who can't spend it fast enough and they are chronically in debt above the eyeballs. They will never be solvent because she is trying so hard to prove she is among the 'elite rich'.

And yes, historically the top scale retailers do not suffer during a recession because the wealthy stay able to spend. This time around there has been no 'safe haven' for the wealthy to stash their cash. Similarly, many of them are in industries where this year perks, bonuses and even jobs are being lost.
One of my customers just spent $360 on switchplates for the kitchen. But she's not thrilled about paying me any more money for a job that's partially done, even though I've put 25 hours into it already.
Yeah, $125k a year is not elite rich; at least not anymore, and certainly not in the NY Tri-State area.

Honestly, as awful as this may sound I don't feel sorry for those who are making so much but are having to forego their huge bonuses this year. I know, I am bitter. LOL
Please pass the tissues. No multi-million dollar bonuses, private jets, gilded shower curtains. Boo-hoo.
AAHH! Ok. I did the shops, and today was the return day. The one store had a problem with their computer system, and they weren't able to "process" the return. The manager took my $800 item back, and gave me hand-written credit information. They said they would mail the credit by tomorrow.

Oh god, this better go ok. This is a VERY upscale boutique with a famous name, and they said and did this like it's no big deal. There was no confusion or even a batting of an eyelash. I had to go along with it like it was no big deal, but to me IT IS!

I have done 1 shop with return for them. Had not problems with shop or pay. Was an enjoyable shop and I learned a few things.
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