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So, I don't think it is any big secret about CORI's ongoing "upgrades." I submitted a home improvement store report on 1/17. I recieved an email same day from a Client Operations Support Representative stating that my report was in error and the reason was because I had not used IE. Now, I have been doing CORI reports for a long time and have long known not to use my browser of choice, FF, when doing reports for CORI. I also have been diligent about always downloading the confirmation page AND the text file after submitting a report. I sent an email back, saying that I did in fact use IE. In reply, the Client Operations Support Representative, sent a snippet of the first few lines of a text file which listed Netscape as the browser used. So, I pulled up my text file, and as I already knew, my text file read that I was using IE. I sent another email and attached the entire text file. In reply, I receieved an entire text file, again showing Netscape as the used browser. I compared the two text files and the one the Client Operations Support Representative sent to me is not from my shop. I compared the times on the file with the time of checkout on my receipt, and my text matches, the one CORI sent to me does not. I have explained this over and over to the Client Operations Support Representative, adding how completely wrong and unfair it is that I should be expected to re-do a report that was done correctly in the first place and that clearly something in the system has gone haywire. I also pointed out that I thought the whole reson for downloading the text file was so that it could be sent to CORI in the event there was a problem, so that THEY could fix it. All of this has fallen on deaf ears. The Client Operations Support Representative keeps extending the date so that I can re-do the report (although they have already dinged my rating) and supposedly today is the last day of extension. Anybody out there know someone further up the chain I can complain to or have a solution to this problem? I mean sure, I could re-do the report, and maybe would even consider it, if CORI would at least admit responsibility, but their positiion is that I did not use IE period. Any help is appreciated.

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I'd stop dealing with that person and would stop relying on e-mail communication. Long ago and before the issues now, I was accused of using another browser. Interestingly enough, I had never used any browser other than IE for anything and did not have another even installed on my computer. At that time the scheduler supervisor was Anne Harris. I have no idea if she is still there. While it may not keep you from having to submit the report again, you should at least be able to get the record straight regarding the browsers and get your rating reinstated.

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Wow...that is ridiculous.

Have you first talked to your scheduler?. It seems that the operations side is only trained for one answer and one answer only..."NO and shopper error." It sounds like you had all of YOUR ducks in a row, it is time for them to understand that. Go to the scheduler -call don't email. That is all I know of, I haven't had any issues.

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complain on their facebook page for all to see. Just dont do it under your real name. Use a friend, family member with a differnt name or make a 2nd account.

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Sometimes it seems certain companies will go to ANY length to deny a report.

The way you've done your due diligence makes this really seems like an easy fix, but one they clearly have no intention of tring to correctly solve.

I wish you well in getting this resolved. But unless you do a lot of shops for them that are working for you, it might be time to pur CORI on the shelf.
@sportsed1, that's just it, I do a lot of shops for them, and generally enjoy working for them. I've had no real problems up until the recent system "upgrade." I'd also like to note, which I failed to do in my initial post, that I have had to completely re-do several reports since this started, some of them more than once. I did so without a single complaint and that is one of the main reasons I'm so ticked off right now. And you are right, I don't believe they are going to do squat about it, even the threat of blasting them on every public I could find did not faze them. Oh well, its sad, because I do really enjoy working for them, but I refuse to railroaded.
I've been re-doing reports as well and CORI needs to get their act together. I will say that their website has been getting better for me in the last few days...but it still has a long ways to go. I consider it completely ridiculous how long their 'updates' are taking them.
Unless this company is your favorite (and pays well) I would drop them like a hot penny! sad smiley

OP: You said the report she was reading from, was not yours, and she insists it "is" your report, I would DUMP that company, unless you still feel the love....
I have not done a CORI shop so far because their fees are so low. But if they demand IE, they are eliminating all us Mac users. Makes no sense.

No fee, no shop.
I had an issue with them and ran into a similar problem with an obstinate rep, who had problems with a report. There, I followed the instructions to the letter and was rejected because the rep did not read or understand the instructions well. Emails ran into a brick wall as my communications were either not being read or the explanation (including quotes from the instructions) was being disregarded.

I did not go up the chain to communicate with someone else, but it sounds like you should do so.

As for the use of IE - it appears to be a way of denying the reports when convenient. For example, when IE was a more of a security risk than it was today, I was using FF and taking my chances. Did a few dozen reports for them with FF with no problems, then one was rejected. The reason was not using IE. As they do post that requirement up front and in a prominent manner, I did it again with IE. A subsequent email told me their site was designed for use with IE.

Now, I use other MSPs much more than CoRI because of the challenges this company presents to shoppers.

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Aside from CORI having very few shops available in my area in the last month or so, I have been leary of taking shops from them because of issues like this posted about their upgrade issues. I did do two when they got high enough, and was lucky that my reports were accepted. Like the OP, I also keep copies of the confirmation page and my report!

I almost always use Google Chrome for my CORI reports (and everything else) and only a couple of times has it been an issue. Those times, I just copied/pasted my answers using IE. (I hate IE!)

In the OP's situation, CORI's response is thoroughly asinine. It makes me livid when complete morons are in charge of my fate, and refuse to see/accept reality and the truth, and make things right as any normal, rational, human being would. Good Lord!

I hope everything works out... I would recommend a phone call, too ~ ASAP!

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It sounds like it is time to take a break from CRI until they get their web issues figured out. I personally don't want to be an unpaid beta tester for them.
After not having a lot of time to shop for them last quarter, I was actually looking forward to being in rotation for a number of shops and audits. The website issues have really had me holding off. I have absolutely no patience with known website issues that go on too long.

Equal rights for others does not mean fewer rights for you. It's not pie.
"I prefer someone who burns the flag and then wraps themselves up in the Constitution over someone who burns the Constitution and then wraps themselves up in the flag." -Molly Ivins
Never try to teach a pig to sing. It's a waste of your time and it really annoys the pig.
I guess that makes me lucky. The last few months, ALL of the shops in my area have been snatched up for fees far below the level I am willing to do them for. I haven't had a CORI shop in several months.
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