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I recently did a shop with Bare and got paid but never got my bonus money. Does anyone know who I can email? I tried emailing the scheduler of the shop but never got a reply back.


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You can also email the person listed in your BARE payment notice. I'd copy the scheduler too.
What they said. Bare has always been totally on the level for me.

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Same here. They even went out of their way to have payment sent to me by direct deposit when it concerned some Europe based shop. Although I was registered for direct deposit, most of my shops were paid by check except for one shop.
Thanks guys! I emailed the right person and I was told I wouldn't hear a response for 10 days but I got an email right away saying they were sorry and the money they owe me is being processed to me. Wow, I'm impressed! Bare is great!
That's great news! They always paid me correctly glad to know your issue was resolved in a timely manner.
The only shop I do for them I find the report tedious, but the schedulers have always been so helpful and pleasant. smiling smiley
I wish they had other clients in my area!
The scheduler promised me a bonus for getting the recording of names. If they were not clear I could repeat the names immediately, by calling them by their name clearly in the recordings or I could give a recording of their colleagues calling them by their names for an additional bonus promised. When the bonus was not granted, I contacted the scheduler, she told that the system sometimes does not accept it. She promised me that she would personally look into the matter and assured me that it would be given. I never saw the bonuses except once.
They also promise a bonus for a report graded 9 or 10. I did get those grades couple of times. But the bonuses seldom arrive. None of the managers respond after the work is completed.
Another major bonus - Referral bonus. I have refered a couple of people to the compnay, but I have never seen any bonus from them.
So the Onus of expecting a Bonus is totally lost.
Bare offers a bonus for getting a 9 or 10 on a report? In the five plus years I have shopped for them, I have never seen that anywhere.

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Getting a 9 or 10 with Bare is not that hard - they are not hard graders. I've never seen a bonus offered for a 10.....and I'm surprised ANY MSC would offer a bonus for a 9.

I have seen referral payments for referring new shoppers . After referring a new shopper, that shopper must successfully complete some Bare assignments - I think it might be 5? but I'm not sure how many - before you qualify for the payment.

All those promised bonus payments sure have me stumped - I've never seen those with Bare. Nayan, are you possibly working in a different location than U.S./Canada?
Your referrals must complete 25 shops in order for you to receive a bonus. I, or rather my referrals, helped me achieve the goal earlier this year.
Yeah, me neither. I have close to 100 shops for them, all which were 9s or 10s except for two shops that were 8s, and never have I been given a bonus or told that I would receive one.

LisaSTL Wrote:
> Bare offers a bonus for getting a 9 or 10 on a
> report? In the five plus years I have shopped for
> them, I have never seen that anywhere.
Oh whatever. Bare is awesome. I have been with them for a long time and done a lot of shops for them. They are a great company to work for.

dont -trust-bare Wrote:
> nayan another one to be tricked by Bare
Likewise, I've never been told by Bare that I'd get a bonus for 9 or 10 shops, and all but one that I've done have been 10's. Something doesn't sound right about this supposed bonus....

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