Java Script Error ** FIX** on CORI with IE

Major breakthrough! I found that if I click on the "Compatibility View" button (looks like a torn piece of paper or a mini-cardiogram [which I have come close to needing when filing these infuriating reports!]) just to the left of the "Refresh" icon in the address pane at the top of IE10, then I don't get the constant and maddening error message referenced in this thread. Gotta press that button at the start of the report (after the receipt image has uploaded) because if you press it part way through, it wipes out everything you've entered so far.
Just filed two reports, and pressing Compatibility View did the trick both times. I'll wait to see if all the photos made it through before I declare complete victory.
But for now, Yay!

The above was posted in the original thread on this problem. I hope it is ok to re post it in a new thread so the word gets out. It has helped me immensely.
Thank you, elcarev68!!! Good job.


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I also found that the fix enables the map button on CORI's job search listings, which had not been working with IE10.
I have done four reports so far for the gas sation in question, and all have been accepted and given the "my cat would get a" rating of 5 on the reports using the described fix.
Indeed I am sick of the constant errors with these reports too, no matter in IE or Firefox. My last two report the submission deadline was extended every day for four days until they finally fixed a broken line so I could submit it.
*sighs* However their bonused shops make the aggravation bearable. smiling smiley
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