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I recently came across the Kern Scheduling "Mystery Shopping" official website and signed up with them. I'm glad to see that they have been sending me several e-mails a day regarding different shops available in my area, however offered by various companies. Therefore, I assume Kern is just a scheduling site and not actually a mystery shopping company in itself. Please let me know if I'm assuming correctly. Furthermore, IF I were to be assigned an assignment through Kern, how is the paper work normally sent out? Would I use the Kern website or the website of the actual MS company they scheduled for? Would I have to do anything additional on the Kern site too? I'm just confused on how that works exactly? If anyone uses Kern, please let me know in detail, step-by-step how it works. Thank you very much. I apologize if this question was already answered in another posting. IF that's the case, feel free to just post the link to it here.

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Kern is a major scheduling company. They generate no shops on their own but are just engaged by various MSPs to find shoppers for their jobs. I have been signed up with them for a long time but generally go to the client MSP site to sign up for a job, perform it and report it at the client MSP site. There is something on the Kern site that indicates you are to return there to report the job complete but I have never done that as I just go to the client MSP site to execute all job related tasks. I note that most of the time the referral to a scheduler for questions in the job information is a referral to KSS_____, which is an indicator that it is a KSS scheduler I would be communicating with.
I have done shops for them and find them good to deal with. I often have to do the report on the client site, and then go bakc to the Kern site and check the confirm link (which is the entire report) so that the scheduler gets a mail that it was completed.

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Ok, thanks for your help. I just think that whole part about going back to THEIR site too just to confirm you report is complete is silly, since the MS company itself obviously knows when it's complete. It looks like you don't even have to according to Flash, if I understood you correctly.
I have not had to go back to Kern to check the report as complete as I enter my reports on the MSP site. Actually, I tried going back to Kern after my first couple of assignments, but there was nothing for me to check.
I have never accepted a job THROUGH their website, though I have referred to their website to go to the MSP website to sign up there. Thus I feel no obligation--moral or legal--to go report anything at their website. They are getting their piece of the action whether I sign up at their site or at the MSP website I feel sure.
I have done several shops that were scheduled through them. It depends on the company. Some go directly through Kerns then others once you accept a shop go directly through the company, but you still contact Kerns scheduling for problems. They are usually good about emphasizing who to contact. Like any other company you get to know the good schedulers and you get to know the schedulers you want to avoid like a plague. They are a very large scheduling company.
Yeah, what they all said! smiling smiley Seriously I LOVE Kern. I have only had a problem with one Kern Scheduler, who for some reason will not assign me ANY shops I apply for so I just stopped applying when I see the name. The rest have been awesome and I do a lot of work for them. The shop details will let you know where the reports need to be entered, and I have never experienced a problem in that respect.
I've done many of their shops. I think the thing about signing on both websites is an outdated note. I just follow the link. But 4 of my shops for small MSP's are posted in my shop log on Kern's site.
If you go back to the Kern site to click that you have completed the shop, you will save your scheduler an extra step in checking up on your shop.It could make you look like a more responsible shopper if the scheduler notes your name.
BeckyH Wrote:
> If you go back to the Kern site to click that you
> have completed the shop, you will save your
> scheduler an extra step in checking up on your
> shop.It could make you look like a more
> responsible shopper if the scheduler notes your
> name.

That's exactly what I do. I just update it on Kern so the scheduler knows. I can't say enough about them. They have been the nicest, most down to earth, and most flexible group I have worked with. They just "get it", you know?
I've got to agree with SusanMB. You definately maximize your shops by following the rules. I've shopped through Kerns and have not always reported back to them on completion, but if you are instructed to do so it doesn't cost anything but a few moments to do it. Then they know you are detail oriented and that can't hurt your reputation. Note to Mert:On some shops you can't find anything to check-WHY?
KanEHdeeAnna, On Kerns site, I haven't found where I'm supposed to check (confirm) that I've completed a shop. Maybe because even though Kerns has emailed available shops to me, I've applied and submitted the job at the MSP's site?
I do shops for Kern but enter reports on MSP site Kinesis.........I still have to go back to Kern site to input that I completed the shop. I think it does depend on the MSP shop you are doing........Kern usually tells you in shop instructions if you would need to come back to their site to enter the date that you completed the shop.

It actually all depends on the shop with Kern, who their client is, how it is the form is filled out. On Kern's site there is always a question that just states when the shop was completed though.
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