Confero did it Again

Anyone else out there owed money for shops done in December that were due to be paid on February 10th? I have to fight every month to get paid. It is not worth it to me so I am through with them. I can make up the difference by taking more shops for companies that do pay when they say they will.

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I had a payment recently from them that didn't get processed correctly. I sent an email and got payment the next day, no questions or hassle. Yes, it would be nice to not have to go through that process, but it didn't take all that much effort on my part to get my pay.
I don't know what happened to them. From when I started working for them last April, I received every payment owed to me until October, then it's consistently been chasing payments owed me. E-mails are not answered and neither are phone calls returned. I just cancelled 2 upcoming shops and will not work for them again until they get their act together again.
I haven't received my payment yet. They state they will pay within 60 days, so I will wait until then. It's a good thing, they are headquartered in a nearby city.
Mine showed up as paid yesterday and was in my paypal account yesterday afternoon. It also said paid on the 15th but didn't show as paid until yesterday. I'm taking a break from them. Not worth the hassle.
I'm behind on my bookkeeping, but with all this discussion about Confero, I have been reminded that I haven't noticed any payments from them lately. Guess I'm gonna have to make time to look into this. sad smiley

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I only recently found a job in my area with Confero. It sounded simple enough, with reasonable effort to pay ratio, so I applied. I got one of those emails that the job had been given to another shopper.

At first I was a tad annoyed (or at least a bit disappointed), as it was a shop I'd wanted along a route. After reading this thread, I'm not as annoyed (or disappointed)!

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I hope this is a clerical glicth..... I can't pretend I'm not nerveous, given what has happened with the Freeman Group, and Franchise Compliance.
I have only done s shops for them since I do not take reimb only shops and I believe pay takes about 45 days. I took these only because they were bonused. I did my 2nd one this past week. After saving my report then returning, I noticed that where I used quotation marks there were now question marks, so I went back & changed these. I know I should have made a note at the end of the report but did not think of it then. Now my grade is an 8 for this very same reason. Has this happened to anyone?
BTW, I always type my comments on Word then copy & paste, double check it to make sure I did not omit the 1st or last letter or punctuation. So I have double checked my comments on word and I do not have the question marks there as the report shows. Wonder if it is a glitch on their system or because I did the copy & paste. I do this for all the companies.
I'm current with Confero, they pay out from 45-60 days, and I can only shop one location every three months. I just checked the last year. They paid between 45-60 days every time and the correct amount with tips and bonuses. I got a payment on 2/4 for an 11/30 shop.
They're always so nice to me. I get paid promptly and get to enjoy wonderful ethnic fast food chicken
Update. I was paid today, and they were quick about getting back to me. I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, since they have a good previous track record with me.
Near the end of Feb I noticted I was missing a payment my shop log said had gone out. They told me the Paypal money was "returned" to them and paid me right away. Two days ago I wrote to them inquiring about another amount gone missing and haven't heard back. So this is just how they are, then?
I am showing I was paid at the end of February as well but as of today no payment has showed up. I just sent an e-mal about it. It sounds like things are definately not going so well with this company now.
Did you email Cindy, Amy, or the payments mailbox? It might take a week for them to respond.

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Edited out my post - which was in response to a spam post. The spam post has been removed and the spammer was deactivated so I've removed my response to the spammer's many posts about "helping" shoppers by selling them mystery shopping services (at a very high price). Reminder: don't pay to shop!

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audrialyn30 Wrote:
> Did you email Cindy, Amy, or the payments mailbox?
> It might take a week for them to respond.

I e-mailed Cindy, that is who the scheduler told me to contact. I just sent it yesterday but was hoping it wouldn't take long to hear. I've never had to chase payment from them before.
I never did receive a response from them this time, but today my Paypal account received the missing funds.
I'm getting a feeling that a lot of shoppers are opting away from Confero as I am getting slammed with e-mails regarding potential shops. Usually I get a few e-mails from them but this month it has been massive. They are current with me except for the shops from January that should have been paid yesterday.
Thanks to those of you above who motivated me to check on payment for an early January assignment. Since I'm used to waiting two months for payment from many MSCs, I hadn't noticed that Confero's website showed I was paid on 2/28 ... but I have not been paid. I emailed Cindy, and here is the response I received in case it is helpful to others:

"Below is information about shopper payments from our website. If you’re (sic) payment is past due, you can send an email to and should get a response within the week.

Confero Payment Schedule:
Payments will be processed no later than 60 days from the date of final submission of the mystery shop or audit report. Payments are released two times per month--on or around the 10th of the month and again on or around 25th of the month. For example, shops conducted and submitted January 1-15 would be paid, via PayPal, on or around the 25th of February and shops conducted and submitted January 16-31 would be paid on or around March 10th. When the 10th or 25th falls on a weekend, payments are issued the following business day. It can take up to 5 days for PayPal to process the payment to you once we have released it.

For your reference, our payment policies are also detailed on our website (see Shopper FAQ's) at this link: [] "

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I e-mailed my scheduler and she said she was instructed to tell us to e-mail the shopperpaymentse-mail which I have done religiously. Before November, I was paid when I was supposed to be paid on the 10th and 25th. Since then I have had to beg for every payment that I get from them. The e-mails are useless, they ignore them. I have not had but one response from the shopper website. I keep saying that I am not going to work for them any longer, and I keep signing up. The pay is good but not sure it is worth the hassle to try to get paid. shops get stuck in payment pending or they say Paid and don't are not paid. Does anyone know what is going on with them? It was a struggle when I first went to work for them having to wait 60 days for payment but once they started they paid when they were supposed to. Now, I don't know what is going on.
txwahchick Wrote:
> BTW, I always type my comments on Word then copy &
> paste, double check it to make sure I did not omit
> the 1st or last letter or punctuation. So I have
> double checked my comments on word and I do not
> have the question marks there as the report shows.
> Wonder if it is a glitch on their system or
> because I did the copy & paste. I do this for all
> the companies.

Yes, I have had this happen to me also. When you do spell check it changes the quotes to question marks. Do you use Vista I was told that it had something to do with the coding. So, if you use spell check you have to correct your original then recopy and paste or you have all those question marks.
It's a pain it only happens on Sassie shops for me.
Confero did this to me, too. I had two shops, Jan 4, and 13, and we're marked as Paid on 2/28. But nothing has appeared on PayPal.

Then today I gotPay Pal payments for Confero shops done Jan. 22, 26 and 30, but nothing about the earlier shops.

Same exact shops, too, just on different dates.

This company's payment system is getting pretty screwy, and is making me nervous. I do several shops a month for them, but am now reconsidering.
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