question about Bare phone shop

I just did it now. I had to order a product. The report needs to be submitted within 12 hours. It says to attach a picture of the invoice. I assumed the invoice would be sent by email as soon as I got off the phone. It was not. The product is supposed to arrive in two days. How can I submit the picture of the invoice in 12 hours if the product is going to take a couple of days to arrive? I could not submit the report without that picture. So I typed my question, saved it as a pdf file, and submitted that.
Anyone else run into this situation? It is only my third phone shop ever.

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Did you try emailing the scheduler via the HELP/Contact link before you submitted the PDF? Bare's schedulers are usually pretty good about responding with such questions.
This may be obvious but . . . did you check your spam folder? Can you call them back and ask if they are emailing an invoice? Maybe it will just take an hour or so.

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I contacted the scheduler and she said "they know we can't submit the receipt right away" and to email it to her when the box arrives. They should fix the form because you have to put some sort of picture there or it won't submit, and it says you have to submit within 12 hours.
I did check my spam folder but I did not receive an invoice there.
we just signed up with them & wonder how they are towork for?
noticed for one shop, they asked DOZENS
of personal ??s don't feel too comfortable submitting.
they ask for your bank acct., your home address, your Skype no...whatever that is..
how fast do they pay you too, after you do a shop
for them?
If you do not provide your address and/or bank account number they cannot pay you. Items like a Skype number are always optional.

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