Kudos to Service Sleuth (HMS)

I just have to publicly acknowledge the folks here for being so on top of getting answers for a complicated shop. It seemed that the forms were different than SPECIFIC directives in the guidelines. My SS project manager gave me her cell phone number and said I could text her at any time if I ran into a snag...did that twice and she got answers right away.

I went from panicking that I was going to botch something to feeling like, "Ok...I got this."

Really appreciate the support when you are "out in the field!"

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It is nice to hear the positives about an MSC. Too often all that are posted and discussed are the problems.
I've had similar experiences with them. I have actually called them when they were in the field doing the same kind of job! Love that job.....

I'm "Sandi" in the Middle!
Can you please email Alex.kelly@hsbrands.com to give me the name of the project manager you are speaking of? I would like to recognize them internally for the positive feedback. Thank you!

Alex Kelly
Marketing Manager
HS Brands International/ Service Sleuth
I LOVE Service Sleuth!

I have worked with them a couple of years now and really enjoy their stress-free movie theatre visitssmiling smiley
I have had good experiences too when I noted to a scheduler that the reimbursement would not cover the cost of an oil change at a particular facility. The scheduler returned my e-mail at once and resolved the problem.
Right with ya! I've only done a couple of shops for them. They don't do a lot in my area. But Everytime it's easy, the people are great, and it's nice to get a
"KUDO" after a report!
Piled Hip Deep, PHD Wrote:
> Imagine if every MSC was like Service Sleuth. You
> would think you died and went to heaven.

Amen! smiling smiley
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